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The Balanced Personality

Updated on April 17, 2011

To achieve harmony within the self, to develop a balanced personality, these are the time-honored ideals which give a real purpose to human life. Whether we are conscious of this aim or not, we are all striving, often blindly, for its realization. Happiness will elude us if our minds are riven by conflict and if we try to face the realities of life with our personalities lacking in unity.

For unity or integration implies self-control, with the deep desires of our natures synthesized and regulated in accordance with worth-while standards and moral values. Unfortunately, today there are many who regard the holding and pursuit of ideals, personal and social, as old-fashioned and sentimental. Such people are merely trying to find an excuse for their own selfishness and immaturity: they may find pleasures in life but will never discover the true meaning of happiness.

The balanced personality comes from a gradual process of self-development from childhood onwards. We have shown how personality distortion can take place and we have endeavored to explain how we can healthily build up our personalities by our own efforts.

We should always adopt the attitude that there is always something fresh to learn from life no matter what our age in years may be. We should always be eager to continue our experiences of living and should never allow our sense of curiosity to grow dull. We must strive to maintain lively interests, so broadening the mind and adding to our vitality.

It is well to remember that much of the satisfaction in life comes not so much from achievement as from the process of achieving. Thus we should not rest upon our accomplishments but should continue to seek fresh records. A man's reach should exceed his grasp.

A balanced personality gives us the way to a balanced life. It means that we can express ourselves by the whole of our personality, so permitting healthy adjustment to reality. It means we can face life's problems squarely, confident that our responses will be in harmony with our real selves: it means that our actions will be controlled according to principles founded on right ideals. It does not mean a narrow self-complacency.

The possessors of a balanced personality will be able to drink deeply of the joys of human life. They will enjoy happy relationships with their fellow beings; above all they will be able to give much happiness and be a positive and constructive force in this conflicting world. We should all keep on discovering fresh reasons and worthy objectives for living and, with that thought ever in our minds, we shall surely achieve that rich measure of success and happiness which we all desire.


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    • dear addict profile image

      dear addict 7 years ago from where people are helping people

      this was very smart

      Unity in most things we do for ourselves is key as you say for that balance. Never truly thought about it either. Guess this was like a much needed tune up for my unity indeed.

      Thank you for that

      I always enjoy your work, little afraid to see what douche is, but com'on gotsta know

      lyrics, Miss