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How a Student Can Make Money Online to Fund His Education

Updated on November 13, 2014

Can you make money online?

Many people argue about making money online. This is more common in developing countries but then anyone can make money online. This article is about how a student can make money online to fund his education in any part of the world.

If you are a student and know how to read and write English, then there is no need for you to lack money while in school. You can write for websites and they will pay you for your writing. People need the information you have and are ready to read what you are learning. You can convert things you learn daily into cash.

Many people are not aware of this and encounter hardship in their education. You need to convert whatever information you have into money as a student. A week ago, I wrote a chemistry practical report after which I typed it and published it on hubpages. Within 6 days, I had 2889 views that is giving me $30 approximate and still counting. Everybody has something to write on and you need to convert the information you have into money.

Types of Articles a Student Can Write and Make Money Online to Fund His Education

There are two major kinds of article a student can write to make money online to fund his education. These are;

  1. Instant Paid Articles; you will receive payment instantly after your article is accepted. You can get up to $500 per article. The articles range from 500 words to 3000 words. You can search for these websites in Google and see what they want you to write about. One keyword you can search on Google to get these websites is “ places to write article and get paid”

This type of article is good when you want to make quick money but once you are paid, the article is no more for you. The website you write for can edit it and use on the internet. It is more on less you sold it to them. The only difficulty is that your article needs to be approved. To get your article approved easily, you need to read about the website and the kind of articles they want. There will be approved articles on the website so your duty is to read through and know the kind of content they want before writing your article.

If you are a freelancer you have higher advantage because most of these websites prefer freelancers because of their experiences.

Most of these websites pay via paypal so you need to get a verified paypal account. If you live in a country that paypal does not approved, look for my article on how to get a verified paypal account if you don’t have a credit card.

Most people find it difficult to get their articles approved by these sites but it is very easy if you take your time to read through their website to know what they want you to write for them. This will save your time.

Open your browser and search for websites that pay you to write and chose what to write and make money to fund your education.

  1. Key word Articles; this is where I make real money. When I started, it was very discouraging but I didn’t give up. I wrote a lot of articles and monetize them to be rank in the first page of Google when someone searches for my keyword. With time I started receiving over 1000 views per day earning me minimum of $10 daily without doing any work.

The work is the writing and that is all. Right now I earn over $50 daily without doing any work about my articles. They remains mine forever and I will continue to earn money on them forever as long as the internet exists. I am still writing more yet I am still a student.

That must be very great. You can also do the same.


There are several places to submit key word articles and get paid for every view you get on your article. Some of these sites are;

  1. Hubpages; the article you are reading is published on hubpages. You can get huge cash by writing article to hubpages. The work is the writing, if you can give it some time, you will surely make the cash. Note that it is not a get rich quick system but depends on your effort.
  2. Squidoo; this site was once on its own but is now acquired by hubpages. I make over $2000 from this site writing for them.
  3. Bubblews; this is just like a social media and I will say is the easiest way to make money online. You write an article of 400 characters minimum. For every view, like, comment and social media share of your article, you receive $0.01 each. It looks small but it pays. I made up to $500 within a week from this site before during one of my vacations. Right now, I don’t do anything on bubblews but I still make over $5 daily from my old articles. It is great rewarding.

Bubblews is very strict to its terms and conditions. Many people complain of not receiving their payments from them and concluded they are scams. The truth is that they are not scam.

My bubblews account was blocked before but I know the reason why. I just went ahead to open a new one and that is what is getting me the money even now.

The easy way to make money with them is to connect to more people. The more people you connect to, the more your views and the others will be increased hence the more you will earn.

They pay but you need to review their terms and conditions properly so that you don’t violate any for you effort to be in vain.

  1. Infobarrell ; this is also like hubpages but their revenue share is higher than hubpages. They pay 75% revenue but hubpages pays 60% revenue share. That is the only difference. All other features are almost the same.

What you need to do now is to go to Google and search for these sites and open account with them for free and start writing. Once again the work is the writing.


There are several advance ways to do that but the basic one to know now is to;

  1. Make your keyword be part of the title of your article. Keyword is not any technical term. It is just the word or phrase you think people will search in search engine and get your article to view for you to get money to fund your education.
  2. Split your article to have subtitles containing the key word. This is very important. It will make your article to outlast many in search engine.
  3. The last one is to distribute your keyword in throughout your article. It helps a lot.


The additional way to make real money which can sustain your life in the future is self-publishing an eBook. There are a lot of places on the internet that you can publish eBook for free and they will sell it for you. What they will do is, they will sell it and take some percentage.

There are a lot of places you can do that but those that I will introduce in this article are;

  1. Amazon kindle
  2. Google books
  3. Barnes and nobles

To get additional list of places to submit eBook for sale, search for “20 places to submit eBook for sale” in Google. You will get these 20 websites to submit your eBook for sale.

Although there are many website that do this, I like these 20 websites because they are working for me.

I wrote 12 eBooks and they are selling for me on these 20 platforms.


Many people say the issue of making money online is all a scam but it is not true. There are scams though but there is reality. The reality of making money online is when you put in more effort. I am an undergraduate student in Ghana and I make all these cash online. This may be more than what some of my lecturers are making but I have a good class as well. I don’t fear unemployment anymore because I am earning more than what most graduates are earning.

These are not the only way I make money online; I have a website where I have digital products which I sell to get money online.

The truth is that there is money online but it is a kill to do so and you need to possess that skill.

As you read this article, you put some money into my pocket. Don’t just close it and forget it, try to implement what you learnt in it and you will get to this level even beyond.

This is how a student can make real cash online to fund his education and even to establish him/herself in the future. If you want to be your own boss, then you need to be while in school just as I am.

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