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Use StumbleUpon to Get Visitors to Your Website & Content

Updated on March 4, 2015
StumbleUpon is an active social network that can bring you new visitors
StumbleUpon is an active social network that can bring you new visitors | Source


StumbleUpon is an often overlooked part of the social media and internet community, yet it still remains a very popular way for people to discover content. If you understand how it works, write good content and submit it in the right way, you can drive significant traffic to your site via the wonders of StumbleUpon.

This in-depth, step-by-step article lets you know exactly how to submit your content to StumbleUpon and how to make the most out of it. We'll explore:

  • Understanding how StumbleUpon works
  • Finding out why you might want to use it
  • Writing content that's suitable for StumbleUpon
  • Information on writing good content
  • Submitting your content
  • Seeing how your content performs and creating more content

Benefits of using StumbleUpon

There are several benefits to using StumbleUpon to share your content.

  • It's another way to tell people about your content
  • It's an easy system to use
  • It can get people to your content that may otherwise never have discovered it
  • More traffic to your content means more views and is good for your visibility

Understand how StumbleUpon works

StumbleUpon works as follows:

  1. People sign up for a free account
  2. They tell StumbleUpon what type of interests they have (e.g. shopping, internet, cooking, philosophy etc.)
  3. StumbleUpon has a massive list of webpages from around the world, corresponding to various interests
  4. When people click the 'Stumble' button (normally a free browser add on), StumbleUpon selects a random webpage from its database, based on:
    1. What that person's interests are
    2. How popular that webpage is
    3. How many other Stumblers have liked it
    4. It then sends the Stumbler to that webpage
    5. They can vote on whether they like the content or not; this is a signal to StumbleUpon on whether to show content like that in future
  5. Once the Stumbler has read the page, they hit 'Stumble' again and the process repeats

StumbleUpon has many different interest areas, for almost every type of content
StumbleUpon has many different interest areas, for almost every type of content | Source

Understand why you might want to use StumbleUpon

There are several good reasons you might want to submit content to StumbleUpon:

  • It's quick and easy to do so
  • If you submit good content to the right categories, it will drive traffic to your site
  • It creates a backlink to your site, which might help slightly in search results

Start by writing content that's suitable for StumbleUpon

Although you can submit any kind of content, some webpages do better than others. When you're creating your content, aim for the following:

  • Avoid 'News' type content; you want your content to stick around for a long time, so its best to write 'Evergreen' content that people will continue to want to read
  • Create content that immediately appeals to the visitor - People on StumbleUpon will judge the quality of your content very quickly before deciding whether to move on; to make your webpage appealing, try to to do the following:
    • Write an interesting title that immediately tells them what the page is about
    • Have an attractive page design with appropriate uses of media, images and text
    • Format your text, use headings and white space to break it up
    • Create a compelling introduction to the page; the first couple of sentences should tell people what the page is about and encourage them to read further
    • Arouse curiosity with your content
    • Keep your good content 'above the fold' (so people don't have to scroll), if they like what they see, they will scroll down

More information on writing good content

Some more tips for creating decent content are:

  • Create content that informs, educates, entertains or inspires others
  • Have a unique approach or perspective on what you're writing about
  • Write content on subjects where you have experience and care about the topic
  • Maintain a good standard of English, punctuation, grammar, spelling etc.
  • Use media (e.g. images, video, audio etc) where it adds to your content

With a potential audience of 25 million people, it's worth taking the time to submit content
With a potential audience of 25 million people, it's worth taking the time to submit content | Source

Submit your content to StumbleUpon

Once your content is created, you need to submit it to StumbleUpon, as follows:

  • Create a StumbleUpon account and set it up
  • Go to the 'Submit' page on StumbleUpon
  • Paste in the webpage address and indicate if the page is safe for work
  • Under 'What's this page about?', select an interest; this is the single biggest factor in getting visitors to your webpages. Some categories (e.g. business) are hardly stumbled at all, whereas other categories (e.g. writing) are very popular. There are hundreds of interest areas, so make sure that you go through them properly and submit your content to the right one
  • You can then add 'Tags' to StumbleUpon to tell it more about the page's content; these are simply words that represent what your page is about, so ones for this article might be: 'StumbleUpon', 'Social Media', 'Content', 'Traffic' etc.
  • Write a comment on the webpage
  • Choose the language of the page
  • Click 'Add This Page'

Great content is easy to share and discover on StumbleUpon
Great content is easy to share and discover on StumbleUpon | Source

See how your content performs

You can understand how your content performs by using Google Analytics (if it's setup for your site) and seeing which visitors come from StumbleUpon and where they go.

You can also go to your 'Profile' page in StumbleUpon and look at the pages you have liked/submitted; you'll be able to see how many people have visited the page (the number next to the little 'i') and if you click on that, how many people have liked the page.

Write more content of the type that performs well

Once you know what works, create more content in similar areas; you can then submit that content to StumbleUpon and create more pages that people want to visit.

How to use StumbleUpon to help drive traffic to your website

Are you planning to use StumbleUpon to drive traffic?

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In closing

StumbleUpon can be an effective way to get your content in front of people.

Using these techniques can send hundreds of visitors a day to your content, generating more views for your website and getting you the results that you want.


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    • Paul Maplesden profile image

      Paul Maplesden 3 years ago from Asheville, NC

      I've used it to drive traffic with some success, but I need to look at it gain seriously and develop an overall strategy for sharing.

    • Percysk profile image

      Percy Kachelhoffer 3 years ago from South Africa

      I have to agree that Stumbleupon is great way to drive some traffic and the article helps to use it to this advantage. Just be sure not to spam it with pages, they don't like that. Wish I read this article sooner!