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Success story : Oum Alkheir Holding

Updated on March 29, 2016

Entrepreneurship in the blood

If Oum Alkheir Holding is now a major group in Chad's economy, it owes it the perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Hissein Bourma Ibrahim, just 27 years old. This young Chadian has started a number of business ventures since 2009, the year in which he founded his first company, Oum Alkheir Construction, dedicated to the construction and civil engineering sector. Inspired by the example of his father who ran the country's first construction company, Hissein Bourma Ibrahim took his first entrepreneurial steps at the age of 20 by founding Oum Alkheir Construction. At the time, the young man had just returned from France, where he completed a degree course in accounting and finance. Oum Alkheir Construction, now called Imperial Construction, alone accounts for 80% of the group's profits.

A group that has successfully diversified its activities

In 2014, Ibrahim Hissein Bourma wanted to go one step further. Always passionate about automobiles, he established Iby Motors. This company imports the best value vehicles from all automobile manufacturers into Chad. The company also handles the maintenance and repair of these vehicles using a modern garage equipped with the latest technology. With this standard of service, Iby Motors gained the trust of many local authorities and administrations, and also that of oil companies. "There was an increasing local demand for private passenger vehicles, but few operators were able to import these in sufficient quantities. By creating Iby Motors, I was simply meeting a need," explains the young entrepreneur. Hissein Bourma Ibrahim then added a third string to his group's bow: Iby Fashion. This company imports many ready-to-wear labels (including Givenchy, Hugo Boss, Zara), and distributes them from a store which is probably the country's largest commercial space devoted to fashion. In addition to the latest creations from these international labels, customers can also choose from amongst tailor-made garments or Iby Fashion's own designs.

What next for Oum Alkheir Holding?

Hissein Bourma Ibrahim doesn't plan to rest on his laurels. The serial entrepreneur is convinced that Chad has real economic potential, the proof of which lies in the success of all the companies in his group. Today, Oum Alkheir Holding has an annual turnover of more than $30 million, and employs 600 people. "I'm very fortunate, but I don't want to stop there. I want to be present wherever opportunities arise," says this ambitious young man. "I'm trying to revive industry in Chad, because much still remains to be done in the textile industry, in agribusiness, leather.... I study all serious proposals and I have market research done for each of my projects. I like taking risks, but only when they are managed and are calculated". Diversification of activities, therefore, but also internationalization: Hissein Bourma Ibrahim plans to open Iby Fashion shops in Montreal and also in Dubai, where he lives part of the year with his wife.

There's no doubt that the reputation of the Oum Alkheir Holding Group will soon extend beyond Chad's borders. Watch this space!


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