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success defined by actions

Updated on March 28, 2013


What does it take to be a winner? What does it take to live your best life now? What does it take to transform yourself into a person ready for success and stardom?

Living your best life now is a choice. What if you changed your mentality to be the best you can be?

Often we want success or experience our best lives but fail to realize our attitude determines our altitude. In order to achieve you must be willing to be embrace that which will help you to achieve your goals.

What if you went to the job you spend 8 hours on and gave it your best shot?

Yes, you may go to work every day and feel that you failed to live the successful life you once thought you would live. Yes, you may be at a job that is “beneath” your potential or you loathe but the job pays the bills and you are grateful for that aspect only. Why you may or may not be where you desire to be; give your job or career your best efforts because it’s the right thing to do. Who knows, maybe your efforts will allow you to enter into management or maybe the next customer you deal with provides you with your next job opportunity. Believe in yourself with all your heart and challenge yourself to be better.

Try hungering for success. Hunger enough to take three times a week, spending one hour every other day, to learn more about your job and your career field. Join organizations and attend events to expose you to other people in your field. Great networking and great learning comes from those who can teach you more about your field. Get to know others who can expose you to more information and the latest movements in your career field. Spend time researching those who are successful in your career field and those who have experienced success. Follow and immolate their patterns of behavior which have resulting in achievement beyond their wildest dreams.

What if you really gave 200% to your job?

What if you gave extra time to make sure your files and performance were stellar?

This year, at this very moment, I challenge you to take on a new philosophy: “I will be the best at what I do.”

When you give your all you never lose. You gain the respect of your peers, people have positive feedback about your dedication to the job, and you have the ability to become an expert to those around you. The behavior you exemplify will gain job recommendations, future references, and the desire for those to be around you. Watch your career take off in ways you wouldn’t expect it to and be prepared to enjoy the rewards. You can win in the game called life. If you took your skills and diligently seek to perfect them in a way that will win in the corporate world I bet you will experience greater career success and financial reward.

Remember, you can never lose when you are doing your very best. You will fell like such a winner everyday that you put on your career attire and prepare to give 200% of your efforts. Knowledge is transferable to different career fields and can help you to move forward in your career in ways you can’t imagine. If you think I’m wrong then I challenge you to prove me wrong and watch your career/life transform for the better. Diligently seek to be the best at that you do!

If you need some inspirational songs to help you to get in the mood then listen to the following:

Lupe Fiasco – Successful

Peter Gabriel – Big Time

Gwen Stefani w/Eve – Rich Girl

Eve - Got It All

Think how proud you will feel when you get ready for work. You will feel strong, powerful, like Donald Trump getting ready to hire/fire in the boardroom.

Read three books about people who have climbed their way to success who interest you. Believe in yourself and be encouraged by their rise to success; giving you wisdom regarding how you too can change your life. Eliminate people from your life that don’t share your same vision and desires. Let the losers spend time with their own kind; you my friend have a better destiny to enjoy. You can do anything. Remember no one can stop you from achieving success. The only person that can stop you is the person in the mirror.

Achieve your dreams. Live your best life now. Live long and prosper. Live strong.


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