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email marketing solutions

Updated on March 10, 2009

Email Marketing : Successful Email Marketing


Email marketing is conceivably one of the easiest and quickest ways to market your products or affiliate merchandise on the Internet. It takes a decent amount of planning, testing, and measuring. It's an ideal solution for many small businesses, because it's incredibly cost-effective; the most effective communication and promotion vehicle in the internet marketplace. You can build a target list of possible prospects, and literally bring your market to your doorstep for the small cost of a mailing list service. which can vary from a free service provider like to a full service like for $20/month.

O.K. if you've spent any amount of time online, you've probable come across internet experts declaring that, "the money is in the list," or perchance you've also read a few success stories from other small, medium or big-sized business owners who've made a lot of money from their lists. After providing personalized, quality, helpful information about reliable, and trusted products and services to their list, ebook search.

Their list came to appreciate, and trust them, and the list was more likely to repeatedly buy their products, services, and ask for their advice when the list has a problem.

It makes sense to get on board and start building your own mailing list if you want to increase your online profit, with so many people claiming that an opt-in list is an absolute must. If all these business owners have supposedly found success, it look as if list building is a 'must have' if you want to be successful in the business arena online, it can't be all that difficult right?

The money isn't going to start rolling in just because you added a sign up box to your site, it's not that simple, sorry to say. Just because you have people on your list doesn't mean they're going to buy from you.

If email marketing is a completely new idea for your business, or you're unresponsive list is making you very frustrated, to see an income from your mailing lists here are 3 things you need to do before that happens:

Select a targeted and profitable niche. To increase the response from your subscribers, build and maintain a quality mailing list around an established money-making niche, and focus on a specific theme within that niche. For example, let's say that you're business is in the Nutrition arena, and you decided to build a list and send your Nutrition subscribers a new weekly newsletter.

You wind up building a huge list quickly because you knew this niche is incredibly popular. But, whenever you promote your own products, or affiliate products to your list, you‘re very lucky if you make a few miserable sales.


Simply, you have to target a specific area of the Nutrition niche, so this is where choosing a certain sub-niche can be beneficial.

You need to reduce that down to just one thing, but your main niche is still Nutrition. Let's say you're really into Vitamins and you've written a couple eBooks on the subject, and you also signed up as a Vitamin product affiliate. You now need to build a list of people who only want to learn about Vitamins, instead of trying to reach a huge Nutrition audience in the hopes that you'll sell more products and make more money. Of course you'll likely have a lot smaller list, but you'll have a laser targeted Vitamin based promotion and your conversion rate is bound to be much higher.

Your readers give them what they want. Say what you mean and mean what you say, if you promised you would give them Vitamin tips then by all means send them the tips, that's the reason they joined your list. Send them their weekly tips; don't continually bombard them with promotion after promotion after they sign up; instead just 1 promotional email a month. Make sure you do this from day one, your readers will be happy subscribers and they'll start to expect and love your product recommendations.

You want to build a relationship with your readers. Your readers want to know that they can trust you before they buy anything from you. They're looking to you as the expert on your topic, by signing up for your list, so on a regular basis makes sure that you share your wisdom with them. You can do this in the form of free reports that you've written just for your subscribers, articles, and even blog posts.

Not only is it essential to build a connection with your readers, you also have to think about this:

The average prospect needs to see your recommendation at least 3 times before they'll buy, according to IEV Media.

• They will dismiss your offer completely the first time they see it.

• They identify it as something they may have seen before and then reject it the second time.

• They see it they know it and think wow I have seen this company/product/service "all over the place" so it have to be something useful. So then they read it, think about it and probably even buy it the third time. Before they think about purchasing, your readers may need to read a promotion from you at least 3 times. A great way to tell your readers about your recommendation is by adding a simple PS to the bottom of your email, and if they're interested, where they can go to get it.

A profitable mailing list won't happen overnight it takes time to build it, but to build a quality list you'll have to be willing to put in the time and effort it takes, and you'll ultimately see the kind of conclusion you're aiming for.


There are a couple of other benefits to be reaped by using this form of selling, besides using email to earn extra money.

1. Your prospects need to see your promotion at least 3 times before they'll buy, as I mentioned earlier. That means that a sizeable majority of your website traffic won't buy the first time they come to your site. But, you can offer your visitors the opportunity to sign up for your mailing list; this will allow you to get in touch with them after they leave your website. You'll also be able to promote your products or services to them, besides sending them helpful information, as a result, getting your promo seen at least 3 times.

2. Name recognition, you can do that by staying in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis. A skillful way to build your name recognition is through email. They'll know you as the go-to person in your field and they'll enlighten others about you too, as they come to know you and belief you.

3. In order for you to generate revenue from your list trust plays a big part. You'll have loyal buyers on your list once your readers buy from you, and they're pleased with their purchase. By having loyal buyers on your mailing list you'll be able to stay in touch with them, loyal buyers mean repeat buyers.

4. To gain precious feedback from your readers, email is a remarkable way. You can ask your subscribers a sequence of questions to find out what wants they have that aren't being met, when it comes time to create new products and services. Based on unanswered questions your readers have possibilities are you'll end up with more than a few ideas for new products.

5. Before purchasing products in brick and mortar stores 60% of people do online research according to Marketing Sherpa. Email is a fantastic way to create awareness for your company and stay in touch with your customers, if you have an offline business, or some of your business revenue is generated from offline means.


You're not alone if you spend hours brainstorming over the writing process of a detailed promotional email, only to get little or no reply or worse a lot of unsubscribes for your labors.

Writing sales copy is a specialized field that can be a boring and complicated task, when it comes to marketing, particularly if you dislike writing or you just don't know how. Copywriting is one of the most costly jobs to outsource, unfortunately, so a lot of small business owners have no alternative but to manage the writing on their own. So with limited time, limited funds, and possibly no talent, how do you write the kind of copy that will educate your readers and provide them with helpful information that will help you make the sale and gain subscribers?

One important rule that you must always follow before you learn the 7 steps to writing a promotional email, and that is. . be truthful!

You need to stay away from the hype that has found a place amongst so many business owners if you want to build a good reputation, and make money with your promotional emails. There's nothing improper with saying, if it's the honest to goodness truth, "You can make $2000/wk. in less than a month,". The product your selling need to live up to its promise, otherwise you're going to be flooded with a lot of complaints that can suddenly damage your standing and put you out of business.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I don't want you to think that in order to make money you have to write sales copies that promises the moon. The best approach that you can take when writing an effective relationship building email copy is by being personal and honest, here's how:

Email Copy Writing 7 Steps:

1. Your subject line - the subject line is the first thing your subscriber's are going to see in their inbox when your email arrives. Now, their going to take the next few seconds to decide whether or not to open and read your email or deletes it. Test, test, test is the best way to find out which subject lines work best for you. Use your own spam folder has an example, look at the subject lines of those emails, which ones make you want to open them? Or start taking notes of the emails you receive in your mail box, which subject line make you want to open them? Research as proven, the best way to get subscribers to open your email is to use your business name or newsletter name in the subject line. This approach works so well because there's no guessing involve when it comes to figuring out who the email is from. If you clearly inform them that it's you sending an email, they're more likely to open it because, they know they subscribed to your list.

2. Paragraph 1 - Start your email with a nice worm, pleasant welcome. Tell them a little bit about your own day and ask them how their day was. This demonstrates to your readers that you are a genuine person and that you care about them. Your focus should always be kept on your reader, so make sure that you stay away from using "we" as much as you can, and instead use "you". Also remind them that your contact information is located at the bottom of the page in case they need to contact you.

3. Paragraph 2 - Toss in a teaser. For example: Let's suppose that you want to notify your readers about a new ebook on writing news releases that you are an affiliate for. You can say something like this, "I have some exciting news and it won't cost you a dime, it will help you take your business to the next level! Gain national exposure for FREE, and build buzz, with press releases which can help you publicize your business, but more on that in a minute . . ." For arousing your reader's attention this practice works really well, and entice them to read more.

4. Paragraph 3 -Offer them information. This section should contain some excellent information on the subject of the ebook that you want to sell. It should make them want to learn more and satisfy your reader at the same time. Continuing from the above case in point, you can start off by saying, "First, in order to start employing press releases into your advertising campaign, you should have a greater comprehension of why they're so helpful to your business." Then continue to outline the benefits of using press releases within your article.

5. Paragraph 4 -In this section you want to get into the substance of your promotion, and take it all the way to the end of your article. "It's time to begin using press releases regularly to move your business forward now that you know how they can benefit your business. There's a great ebook that will assist you through all the steps if you're not certain how to start writing and submitting press releases." Now you can tell them how the ebook will benefit them and explain it in detail.

6. Paragraph 5 -Sweeten the deal. This is a great place to tell them that, they can get your bonus items if they buy today. Use an affiliate item, if the product is not yours, maybe you can toss in a service or product of your own as an inducement for buying the ebook. You should clearly list any extra bonuses and put in plain words what they are and what they do.

7. Paragraph 6 -The closing. Thank your readers for their time before you end your email, and remind them that you will be more than happy to answer every question they may have. Add your contact information and website address. Use PS.'s. if you want to remind them about any other offer, or products that you are selling. The PS.'s. are highly read sections of any email, so do remember to include them!

Now you have seen for yourself what makes a good promotional email. So don't be afraid to send out a sales email when you need some additional cash. You want to send traffic to your website to stimulate demand for your product so that you can create revenue. So don't be intimated if you think you can't write or you're afraid of losing subscribers. Just follow the above 7 steps and your readers should have no reason to unsubscribe, because as long as they are receiving great information with good product promotion you will be successful in keeping all your readers happy, even if they don't buy. If someone unsubscribes keep in mind that, it's probable because they're no longer interested in what you have to offer anyway.

EBooks Down Load Info Products

Email Marketing Video


EmailLabs offers a hosted email marketing solution with a entire toolset for permission-based email marketing, enabling marketers to manage and enhance email marketing programs, including managing and segmenting lists; creating and sending targeted messages; and tracking and reporting findings.

EmailLabs provides on-demand best practices training and services such as, template design, deliverability and audits.

Here are a few available tools on their website you might be interested in to assist you in email marketing:

Test Your From & Subject Lines:

Discover what your email messages From &Subject Lines will look like in various popular emails clients/Web-based services.

List Growth & Hurdle Rate Calculator:

In the next 12 months would you like to grow your list by 100,000 customers? Well depending on your unsubscribe rates, bounce rates and spam complaints, you might actually need 150,000 or more new subscribers to achieve your growth goal of 100,000. Use this handy tool to calculate your percent of lost subscribers each month (hurdle rate) and the total number of new subscribers you will need to acquire to attain your list growth targets.

Email Marketing Usability Rating Calculator:

One of the most critical aspects of email marketing success is usability of email marketing messages, it's one of the least written about. See how your email marketing program rates by take the usability test.

Ecommerce Email ROI Calculator:

Your ecommerce email campaigns, use this tool to calculate the true return on investment.

W3C Markup Validation Service:

If you use HTML in your email messages, use a tool such as the W3C Markup Validation Service to make sure your code is error-free and follows W3C HTML guidelines. An approximately 9 out of 10 HTML emails are not W3C HTML compliant, which can cause rendering as well as delivery issues.

Email Marketing Planner & Checklist:

Lawful brief prepared by Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, PLLC covering key fundamentals of CAN-Spam that affect commercial email marketers, recommended compliance measures, requirements, remedies and enforcement, liability, including scope, and more.


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