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Top 10 Summer Jobs for Teachers

Updated on January 27, 2014
Make money all year round!
Make money all year round! | Source

The Summer Vacation Blues

Oh summer vacation, the days that students eagerly look forward to during the school year, and many teachers anticipate it as well. But not all of them...

When many people think of teachers, they assume that teachers get a full summer vacation and end up glorifying the position.

In reality, most teachers do not get paid during the summer break; they get their full 12 months of salary in the 10 months that school is in session, leaving them without a paycheck during those off months; therefore, it is very necessary for them to seek part time or even full time work to help them get by those difficult summer months.

There are many summer jobs for teachers, some involve selling their talent while others involve teaching on the side.

Here are a few ways that teachers can keep that money rolling in during their toughest months of the year:


1. Start a Babysitting Service

Just because the kids are off of school, doesn't mean their parents get off of work. A lot of parents need to place their kids in daycare while they work, and you can benefit from this by taking a few of them in yourself!

2. Become a Tutor

When thinking about summer jobs for teachers, what could be more obvious? If you are a teacher, then this is already your specialty. Offer tutoring services in a subject that you are fluent in. Advertise that you are a teacher and you are likely to get a few clients in the door!

3. Work at a Summer Camp

Lots of kids go to summer camp during their summer vacation, so this is an open opportunity for work. You might even know a few of the kids already!


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4. Become a Virtual Assistant

There are ways to work online at home and many websites, such as, offer these opportunities. Brush up on your computer programs and dust off that resume because there is surely someone out there who needs your help!

5. Be an Independent Consultant

While not a way to make a full living, if you have a knack for sales, then this would work well for you. Many companies such as Avon, Usborne Books and More, Thirty-one handbags, and Pampered Chef offer job opportunities that give you a reason to party. You’ll earn some cash, money toward product purchases, meet new people, and not starve during the summer!

6. Start a Blog

Though this won’t make you money right away, it might help for next summer. Find a topic that you are passionate about and rant on!

7. Become a Freelance Writer

If you're not up for starting a blog, but still enjoy writing, consider becoming an independent freelance writer! There are lots of freelance writing agencies that you can join, like Textbroker, or you can sell your writing services directly through ODesk.

8. Open an Etsy Shop

If you are crafty and creative, then you can make a lot of money selling your creations on websites such as Etsy. Think about what you are good at making, research what sells well and go from there!

9. Take Surveys Online

Again, not a great way to make a living, but can help keep food on the table. Before signing up for survey websites, check reviews to avoid scams. The last thing you want is for someone to be draining your bank account when you are trying to fill it!

10. Become a Picker

Finding what others consider junk and reselling it for a profit is a fun way to earn a little extra summer cash! Find stuff on Craigslist or at garage sales and resell it for triple or even quadruple the amount you paid! Plus, walking through garage sales in the summer heat is a great way to burn off that Fourth of July BBQ!

Back to School!

Try not to stress out when money is tight during the summer because there are ways to get by. It’s just a matter of figuring out what you are good at and selling yourself.

There are so many summer jobs for teachers that will help these months just fly by, and you’ll be back to your normal paycheck in no time.

You’ll find yourself saying “School already?”



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      HonchHonch 4 years ago

      I was a high school teacher for 5 years in Arizona, and I definitely know that I always worked during the summer. I was an onsite director for iD Tech Camps and Academies for 4 summers, and would highly recommend it. You gain management and leadership experience, have the potential to spend your summer in a different city/state or work near home, and are compensated well. If you are interested, check 'em out: