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Summer Internship with Seth Godin

Updated on April 7, 2008

The Summer Internship IS FILLED!

Summer 2008, for college and high school students. Hands on group work in marketing and the web. Do something fun and important this summer. And it's a paid gig.

Marketing determines the way ideas spread, and it's hard to imagine many things that have more impact. Our goal is to create a fast-moving team of people who explore what it means to create and spread some powerful ideas.

The way to learn marketing to do it. It doesn't hurt if it's fun and you like the people.

Top four reasons to consider the internship

  1. You'll learn a lot (guaranteed) and get paid to do it.
  2. It's just outside of New York
  3. It's competitive to get in so you'll be with some cool folks
  4. You get to do work that matters

Campfire not included

This summer, I'm running an internship program for four or five people (high school or college students only please, no exceptions).

The idea is to find a diverse group of motivated young people who want to join together to create a few really neat projects. The tools used will range from online video to blogs to copywriting to design. Topics might include politics or Squidoo or book promotion or inventing a new kind of web interaction.

In past summers, I've had the pleasure of working with interns to build and Squidoo. This time we'll be focused less on a giant ongoing project and more on the process of working as a group to create interactions that matter.

See below for the ground rules.

How to apply/details

You are responsible for transportation to NY and finding a place to live and suitable supervision in the evenings.

The program will run Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm in my new office in Hastings on Hudson, NY. A short walk from the train from New York, about 35 minutes from Grand Central Station.

It would be great if you had your own laptop, but we'll lend you one if you need it.

The program runs from June 30 to July 21. Then, we'll shift gears and invite you (if you're interested) to work on Squidoo-focused projects for the rest of the summer).

This is a paid internship. There's no scut work, no cold calling, stapling, collating or errands. But we want to support your education so we pay a stipend of $3000 a month for college students, half that for high school.

Send your application (you decide what's on it, that's part of the application) as a pdf of no longer than four pages to:

We need to hear from you soon

Final application deadline is April 2.


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