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Swagbucks - Indian Perspective

Updated on April 2, 2013

Swagbucks History

If you search "Swagbucks" on HubPages, you will get close to 125 results but most of them have similar content about the various ways of earning via Swagbucks. So I decided to write a HubPage on SwagBucks with a difference.

I am a Swagbucks member for a month now and have accumulated >1500 SBs (>10$), spending less than 30 min every day. This makes it a very attractive way to earn some side-income without much efforts.

The company that owns is, founded in 2005 and operates various other websites like and The company is founded by the existing CEO Mr. Josef Gorowitz and COO Mr. Scott Dudelson, whose profile can be checked here Swagbucks has been around since Feb 2008 and is open in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and most recently, India (2012). The company is making around 35 million $ in revenues per year which is simply amazing!!

Here is what current COO Mr. Scott Dudelson said in an interview

Swagbucks came about from several different pivots by the company. We had started by creating a private label, search engine for charities. What we did, is we create a portal for these nonprofits, and did a revenue share. They'd promote the site to their constituents and supporters, to raise money for the company, and we'd share it back with them. Through that, it evolved into a rewards program, and instead of charities, we started bringing it out to brands. Those brands included the Green Bay Packers, World Wresting Entertainment, and so on. Those brands created reward portals around Internet search, so, for example, you might go to the New York Giants site, search through their branded portal, and you would earn points, which they could redeem for swag from the team. That mutated into us thinking why not have our own, central portal based on Swagbucks, which is where came along.

Another detailed interview can be found here, which provides some background and insight into the people behind swagbucks.

Various Rewards for Indian Users

If you are an Indian user and planning to join SwagBucks, then you would like to know the various rewards you can get by spending SBs. Swagbucks have got tie-ups with majority of Indian shopping portals like Flipkart, Yebhi, Snapdeal and Jabong. You can also get cash rewards via Paypal.

Swagbucks India Rewards
Swagbucks India Rewards

How much is 1 SwagBuck worth?

It is important to maximize your earnings with respect to your efforts and time spent. I usually have a tough time making a decision whether to perform some Swagbuck activity. So if we can quickly make a decision about any activity on Swagbucks, it's earning potential and the amount of effort and time spent, that would be awesome. The best way to resolve such dilemma is to find the real worth of the activity by first determining the actual money equivalent of 1 SwagBuck.

Here is the table with value of 1 SB for various rewards (for Indian users) ->

Value of 1 SwagBuck

1 SB Value
Actual Value
Reward Name
1 SB =
0.01 US $
GameCard (5$ = 500 SB)
1 SB =
52.6 Indian Paisa
FlipKart, SnapDeal, Jabong (500Rs = 950 SB)
1 SB =
0.007 US $
Paypal (5$ = 700 SB)
* If you cashout higher SBs, you get some discount

With this table in mind, you can quickly identify the amount of money you earn compared to the efforts and time spent. Let's take an example of SwagBucks games. When you play the Swagbucks games two times (which takes around 10-15 min) you will earn 2 SBs (usually). Thus you earn 1 Indian Rs with 15 min. worth of time. This is not really great. Some will argue that the idea of Swagbucks game is to enjoy the game, so you are benefited by the intangible element of fun. But we all know the primary reason for anyone joining Swagbucks is to earn money. Hence playing games is not really a great way to earn money (although you can earn more in gaming contests)!

Here is a graph indicating the earning potential of various SwagBucks activities (these are typical average numbers, results can vary for each user)

How much you can earn from Swagbucks?

Well it really depends on how much time you can spend with Swagbucks. The more activities you do, the more chance you have to earn. SwagBucks also provides you a daily goal of number of SBs to achieve and a bonus (around 10%) if you achieve that goal. I have no idea on what basis they decide the daily goal, but for me it has been averaging at 70 SB. If you reach you goal each day, you can earn around 2000 SBs per month (~ 20 $). You can of course make more if you spend more time. I am not aware of any maximum limit of earning SBs per day, but such a limit may be embedded in their algorithm for awarding Swagbucks.

Various ways to earn from Swagbucks

As applicable to most users, Indian users can earn SBs using following methods except few which are highlighted

  • Daily Poll - You earn 1 SB for taking the poll. Although some polls may not make sense in Indian context, but you will still earn 1SB to pick any option.
  • Search - The amount of SB that you may earn from regular search varies from 0SB to as high as 50SBs. I have not yet seen more than 50 SBs awarded per search.
  • Swag-codes - You can earn typically 2SB to 8 SBs from entering swag-codes found in various places like Swagbucks FB, blog etc
  • Play games - You can earn typically 2SBs for playing any game twice. I have not seen any other SB earnings. Although game contests can reward you more.
  • Tasks - You can do tasks (similar to mini-jobs in Neobux) and you can get varying amount of SBs (typically 1 SB to 5 SBs).
  • Swagstakes - Lottery system, in which you put in few SBs and you have a chance to earn a huge amount of SBs.
  • Referrals - You refer someone to join swagbucks and earn a portion of what they earn
  • Once you redeem any prize take a picture or video and send it to swagbucks team to earn free 10 (picture) or 20 (video) swagbucks.
  • Submit poll idea - You will earn 100SB if your submitted poll idea is accepted. You just need to submit the poll idea via email to
  • Swagbucks promotion - If you are a blogger, you can earn SBs by promoting swagbucks. I have not done this, so not sure how much you can earn.
  • Use #Swagbucks and the Tuesday Phrase That Pays on Twitter

Indian Users can not earn from following methods:

  • SwagTV
  • Surveys - Most indian users will not qualify
  • Special Offers
  • Trading in Books and Video Games

SwagBucks Vs. Google Search

Is SwagBucks search really worth? Can we replace google with SwagBucks for all general use?

Here is what SwagBucks says about its search

Prodege search utilizes metasearch technology to compile results from many of the Web's major search properties, delivering more relevant and comprehensive results every time you search......The search results you receive are a combination of the top commercial (sponsored) and non-commercial (algorithmic) results from the most popular search engines on the Web. Metasearch technology combines the top ranking search results from each of the separate search engines based on your specific query.

My experience indicate that in general, the SwagBuck search is decent and can be replaced by google, but only for general search queries. If you go too specific, then SwagBuck results are not really encouraging.

Here is a sample search for a very specific query "hp part number 110v-q2429a 220v-q2430a". The SwagBucks returned only ~30 results. Compare this with google, which returned 9830 results.

Tips and Pitfalls

  • SwagBucks tasks are from crowdflower (hence trusted) but if you compare them with Neobux mini-jobs(again from crowdflower), the amount earned in very less for similar jobs. So a task in Neobux can give you an earning of 4-8 cents, which swagbucks will give you only 2 SBs (1 Rs or 2 cents depending on which reward you choose)
  • Daily poll is great since you spend less than 15 seconds and earn 1 SB
  • Submit a poll idea, (say one every week), it doesn’t take much and you may be lucky to earn 100SBs. Keep in mind to have poll idea close to upcoming events/festivals etc
  • Installing Swagbucks toolbar may not be a great idea, since I have seen it crashing/hanging my browser very often. It is better to make your homepage instead, so that all your searches can be done via SwagBucks.
  • Use, so that you never miss any swagcodes. It’s a great way to earn swagbucks. Usually most swagcodes are released during India nighttime, so you may miss a lot many. Keep a watch on events like Mega Bucks day, where you can earn a huge amount of SBs in the entire day. I earned around 50 SBs just using swagcodes during Mega Bucks day.
  • Maximize your earning via search. Try searching twice a day (morning/evening), with clicking at-most 4 search pages per query. If you don’t earn, change the search query. Trying too many searches does not help, neither viewing all pages of a single search query. Also it seems that what you are searching also has an impact, so real query is better than any fake query. Once you earn some SBs via search, you will not get anything for another 5-6 hours. Also it helps to clicking some links of your search result. If you are simply not getting any SB, try switching your IP address, since the search algorithm may factor in a specific IP from where the search originates.
  • Keep in mind that if you are doing real search and earn swagbucks, it sometimes ask you to enter a captch to get credited. There is a timeout for entering a captcha, so don’t move to other tabs and forget the swagbucks search tab, you may lose out on the prize. I once lost 47 SB prize because the captcha expired. It hurts!!
  • Don’t spend too much time on games unless you love gaming and like swagbucks games. The earning from games is very less.
  • You need a verified paypal account to earn paypal money from swagbucks. A verified paypal account implies that you have connected a bank account with your paypal account.

Favorite SwagBuck Activity

What is your favorite way to earn SwagBucks?

See results

SwagBucks seems like a great way to earn some extra cash. What do you think? What changes you would like to see in SwagBucks from Indian context?


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    • profile image

      Research Girl 3 years ago

      This past week I was very disturbed by a link I traveled to from a task exercise at Swag Bucks. The page was full of animated porn. One of the animations was cartooned and showing a sexual act between a male and female, the rest were real people, one animation displaying a sexual act between a man and woman and 3 showing (different) women playing with their genitalia (fully displayed). I was very offended, reported it to the help link at cloudflower, completely discontinued with tasks. I felt tricked and betrayed and wondered if there were other instances of people 'accidentally' or otherwise drawn in to seeing this FILTH. I have not yet received a response though I left my contact details with my report (complaint).

    • profile image

      Akshay 21 months ago

      Check this website below out. This website is legit and the most easy way to get amazing gadgets for free. You could even get a PS4 or and iPhone 6 absolutely free. They restock the gadgets monthly.

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    • profile image

      John 18 months ago

      Better join Neobux....

    • profile image

      addhu 12 months ago

      sir i have make my account in swagbuck but i dont now how to use it and what i have to do for earning money.Is anybody. help me to know me that how i withdraw money and how i convert swagbucks in rupees...i know that my english is not so good but still i try..sorry!!!!!

      HELP ME!!!!!

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