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T-Mobile Franchise Cost

Updated on October 30, 2012

T-Mobile Franchise Cost - Just What Are They?

T-Mobile franchise cost is an item many would be T-Mobile dealers want to know. How much does it cost to get started? Well to break it down some, the following information on this lens will shed some light on this. Typically to start a T-mobile dealership one would need no money for actual licensing but over $100,000 in liquid assets to get approved.

Now, with their newest wave of 4G prepaid wireless products, they have assigned Master Agents like the folks we work directly with to approve dealership based on a limited # of factors.

What Are These Factors Exactly?

Keep reading for the details.

First off, you need anywhere from $3,300 on up to $11,000 to cover licensing costs. This portion of the investment covers a few things:

A. Covers the cost of your software licensing which is the system that is directly connected with their activation and billing systems

B. Covers guaranteed access via our preferred master agents to their logos and authorized merchandise

C. Covers a pre-defined territory so we cannot sign on other dealers in that area - aka guaranteed market share

D. The more you pay, the bigger the area and the more money you get to keep on both merchandise and monthly payments

Ok I'm Interested

Now what?

First order of business is call one of our representatives at (562) 528-3131 then dial extension 701. If we miss you be sure to leave a message and an agent will call back right away. Then visit our website by clicking one the "Main Website" link below to fill out the form on our page.

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