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Table Top Trade Show Display

Updated on March 29, 2011

Table Top Trade Show Display

A table top trade show display can be a good option for many small businesses to get their message across. A table top trade show display is a fair compromise between a freestanding, floor model exhibit and merely running a banner at the booth. Indeed, running a banner is inexpensive but it screams low-rent and last-minute, a couple of connotations you do not want associated with your business. However, the expense of a full, freestanding display may not be justified. A table top trade show display is a good compromise.

There are essentially two types of table top trade show displays. The first is essentially half of a floor model. It could be a pop-up model that sits on a table and extends up four or five feet, creating the illusion of a full floor model. The value of this type of display is that it sits on a table creating a ledge to put marketing materials on. The other model is a folding tabletop display. The value of this model is its simplicity, unfold the display on the table and it is ready to go. There is no more additional bells and whistles that need to be attached to make it show ready. The smaller models are so good to go that they come in their own briefcase size carrying case that you simply open a place on its edge for the display. When done, close the case and your off with your display in seconds.

My opinion is table top trade show displays are a good trade show idea if the display is going to be left alone. The idea is that no one will man the booth or not be in the booth very often. The fact that it sits on table gives it a natural place to leave marketing materials or promotional products. However, if your business attends shows that will have staff manning the booth most or all of the time, then invest in a floor model display. This is an added expense, more difficult to transport, and it takes more time to set up, but for the added value to the business is worth all.

Your Trade Show Thoughts

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      Kayla Moosik 7 years ago

      You don't mention trade show vehicles. They are the biggest eye catchers, and set up is minimal. You just have to be able to get it to the trade show.