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Should you invest in Tai Lopez's mentor programs?

Updated on April 27, 2016

Tai Lopez Motivational Speaker

In a world full of so many distractions how can we stay focused? One way Chris and I stay focused is on our way to the office we listen to inspirational speeches and/or interviews. One motivational speaker we enjoy is Tai Lopez. If you do not know who Tai Lopez is here is some brief info: He is a self-made millionaire, investor, and advisor. He shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love and happiness. He currently has his own site where you can find motivational speeches, advice, helpful programs, etc.

On this site, which can be found at, Tai Lopez becomes your own personal mentor. Some of the programs require some investing, however he offers some great free advice as well. You can also find numerous videos on YouTube with valuable information.

The video we chose this morning was entitled "67 Steps" How to get health, wealth, love, & happiness (Tai Lopez & Brandon Carter). In this interview Tai discusses how important it is to exercise your mind. I also appreciate how he portrays learning.

Cost of the Programs

One of example of the cost for one of Tai Lopez's programs.
One of example of the cost for one of Tai Lopez's programs. | Source

Cost of Tai Lopez's Programs

One thing I would like to address: The cost of his programs. I have never personally met Mr. Lopez, however the way he speaks and carries himself portrays he is an intelligent man. I admire how he states he is just a man. I have not experienced any of Tai's programs that cost money. In my opinion, I would not pay for courses from anyone I have not personally met.(I don't care if it's Bill Gates or Gandhi!) Secondly, if you do not have the financial means and side investment money, then I DEFINITELY would not suggest going into debt to gain access to knowledge. We have an endless access to never ending information via internet. I would agree to follow his advice on learning something from everyone, however there are plenty of resources available at no cost.

I have seen some people label this particular entrepreneur a fraud. I would not go that far. I view it as he is an opportunist. Obviously, he is intelligent when it comes to being a self-made millionaire. If his programs can offer certain skills to people then power to him for taking the opportunity to better his finances as well. If anyone has personally taken some of his courses please participate in the poll below and/or comment on this article to help advise our readers further.

Tai Lopez Programs

Are Tai Lopez's Programs worth the cost?

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Another Perspective

Looking at things from another perspective:

Millions of people go into debt to attend universities where they listen to professors "teach". If I met a successful mentor and I personally felt it was necessary to learn all I could from this individual I would possibly "invest" into courses provided from such person. I would NEVER go into debt or financially struggle to pursue that type of course, though.

Knowledge = Success

In order to be successful you have to be educated. It is vital to feed your mind with healthy information in order to produce healthy outcomes. You have to be a humble person, so as to always have the mind set to learn from everyone. My mother in law once gave me the advice "Pick and choose your battles". In the world of knowledge I say, "Pick and choose your education". Always make decisions to better your situation. Make choices based on what works best for you and your needs.


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      2 years ago

      Great information :)


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