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India ranks on top in Tea cultivation

Updated on April 22, 2011

Tea cultivation

Tea cultivation is one of the traditional jobs undertaken by the people of hilly regions in India. Those are places like Assam and Darjeeling. Indian tea cultivation is more inclined than any other country because of the fact that Indian tea is the best in quality when compared to other Asian varieties. The reason behind the quality aspect is very clear and simple

1.       The soil is very fertile

2.       There is abundance water resources naturally around cultivated areas

3.       The irrigation techniques are very unique from any other country. This is the key point to be noted by any other tea cultivators, this is one big reason why tea is cultivated on elevated hills

4.       The climate is perfect for the tea leaves to enrich themselves with all the vitamins they require with ample nitrogen to power up their daily requirements

5.       The people who involve in the process of cultivating tea in India are working traditionally from generation to generation. They know how to grow tea and nourish is from time to time according to the seasons and other changes.

6.       The seasonal cycle is just perfect enough to pour enough for the tea cultivation to happen 365 days a year without any discrimination

7.       There is a power packed support given by the tea board of India in conduction research and maintaining the quality of tea supplied domestically as well as internationally. They ensure quality is at par with Global standards.

So, there you go, as far as I know Indian tea stays the best among other tea across the world and will be the best in the hearts of the million tea lovers across varies continents. If you don’t accept with me put in your points, we’ll see who wins ;) Love your tea and tea loves you…


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