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Updated on April 11, 2009


Job of team leader or group leader no doubt very hard. it is very much difficult to motivate a person in team or group who is negative in all the aspects. so leaders main job is to motivate his team mebers. Without this a person can not become team leader. this is the first criteria. Second is that a person who wants to become good team leader he shoud be good listenar and good speaker also. His degree of leadership depends upon his listening  and speaking power. persuation is also one of the main criteria to become good team leaders like indian crickate captain Mr. MS Dhoni.

Look What Mr dhoni is doing nothing but always worring about his team members,helping them in trouble, goving suggestion to improve, enjoying with them with full heart, going with them in cinema hall, Resrawan to take dinners. He is dancing with them, singing with them, etc. I think a good Team Leader should learn the lesson from Mr. MS Dhoni " How to manage Team " 

Knowledge - without this a person can not prove that he is more knowledge than other team members. he should handle the situation which is going agianst him tactfully so that no one can challenge him and last but one a team leader shoud be good friend to his team members . he should know every activity of his subordinates. if his team members are facing trouble of any kind he should come forward to help them. these are the main job of a good team leader. after all the target - a team leader should be aware of his mission, goal and target.



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    • apeksha profile image

      apeksha 8 years ago from India.

      I hope I would see myself at this position as due to recession no job rather been Engineer,...

      good listenar...nice..but I dont like bothconcepts are different from each other..

    • sudamaprasad profile image

      sudamaprasad 8 years ago

      Thanks for comment

    • shrikrishna profile image

      shrikrishna 8 years ago

      great hub ,

      nicely written ,

      wish you to your success