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Ten Points to Ponder On the Quest for the ‘Perfect Job’

Updated on October 30, 2013

Everybody talks about the ‘perfect job’ in their chosen field with excited fervor. You probably find yourself introspecting and thinking about what it is you need to get done in order to land the perfect job. In fact, why qualify it? In the early years of your career you were probably preoccupied with taking the necessary steps in order to climb that corporate ladder, whatever the cost.

Question time: Does the perfect job really even exist?

Asking yourself this might be setting yourself up for mental failure. Maybe the real question should be:

How should I be my best self, no matter what job or vocation I find myself in?

Yes, it is still great to have career benchmarks and standards to adjust to, but more importantly, where are you going in life in general? Do you love what you do and, when all is said and done, will you go to bed at night, satisfied that you have performed to the best of your ability?

There really is no such thing as the perfect job or the perfect set of circumstances. The best shot you will ever have is doing what you love and doing it to the best of your ability.

1. Adjust your Mindset

If you would really rather be an entrepreneur and have a fantastic idea, why are you sitting cooped up in a tight little cubicle, blindly following instructions, instead of taking the necessary steps to be where you would like to be? When it comes to having a positive mindset, also question whether you are exhibiting gratitude and a good work ethic wherever you go.

Regardless of how imperfect you feel your present circumstances may be, it is the same ‘YOU’ that will carry you through wherever you may go. What level of energy do you need to possess in order to function in your industry or field of choice? Decide what you stand for, adjust your mindset and be the best you can be.

2. Assess your Skill Set

What are some of the best attributes you possess when it comes to your work? Do you have a passion for philanthropy, do numbers get you all fired up or has cooking become your passion? Find ways in which to find your work sweet spot.

3. Ask a Friend

We often get caught up in ‘ant on the tire syndrome’; unable to see who we are and where we are because we’re too close to the subject to see it differently. Speak to a trusted friend; ask them for their opinion and perspective on how they see you.

Perhaps you have leadership skills you didn’t know you possessed, an eye for detail or creative perspective that’s more discerning than you realized. Often an outside perspective on how the world views you and your positive attributes could be just what the doctor ordered to get your mind in order about exactly where you would like to be career wise.

4. Introspect

If you have no real idea of where you would like to be in life or in your career, you will never really take the necessary steps to head in that direction. Even if you don’t have a solid idea of exactly what it is you would like to do for all eternity, even just beginning to think about it shows a level of intent and purpose. You alone need to be able to face yourself at three in the morning with the knowledge that you are putting in effort to the best of your ability in order to find the perfect job for you.

5. Take Small Steps

Expecting to know precisely every course of action and detail you need in order to make the change is going to drive you crazy. If you’ve been sitting at your desk awaiting an epiphany, perhaps its best that you stop holding your breath.

Communicate- People have information! You could find out more from a casual and meaningful conversation with someone relevant in the industry than you ever would sitting like a deer in the headlights at your work station.

Be sociable- You really will not be exposing yourself to new experiences, conversations or opportunities by staying at home; you do need to go out to relevant events and network. More so than merely communicating, it also boils down to ‘how’ you do so. Be enthusiastic and have an infectious energy that shows your love and vigor for life.

Find time to take steps- There is an old saying that reads something like – everybody is given the same 24 hours per day and it really is up to you to qualify what it is you do with that time. Equally, you need to be able to place sound boundaries on the work that requires your time in your quest for having the perfect job. Carve out time to do the networking, e-mailing, crafting and building if applicable.

6. Ask yourself: Does this help me grow?

Take a good solid look at the work space you inhabit right now. Have you outgrown the space, the people, and the experiences? Maybe you’ve reached your creative and professional ceiling. You wouldn’t hold on to milk past its sell by date, so why hold on to your current circumstances? Now that the penny has dropped, consider taking the necessary steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Start by finding the time to list and do at least five things every day that will take you in the direction in which you would like to go.

7. Volunteer, Shadow, Moonlight

If you are seeking the perfect job, chances are you probably also wish to improve your skills and overall experience as a working professional. This is the perfect opportunity to volunteer, moonlight and shadow someone in a relevant industry. If you carve out the time, these are the best ways in which to get some risk-free exposure to industries, people and coveted skills before you actually take the leap. The world really is your oyster!

8. Don’t Settle

Yes there may be times when you feel as if you simply have to take a job to bridge the gap between poverty and dependency and having financial stability, and yes being gainfully occupied is a great thing. However you should be using this as leverage to get to your real goal in terms of your career.

If you find yourself in this situation, think of your current job as a bridge of sorts to get you to the other side of where you would like to be. Remember, you need to think of the bigger picture when it comes to your life. What are your overarching goals when it comes to creating the ideal work and career situations?

Did you know?

While the idea of perfection in any job or field may still be a dream for some, there are still people who have cherished the ideal of a landing the perfect job. In fact an entire campaign and competition has been designed around the idea in Australia called the ‘Best Job in the World’. If you’re curious about exactly what it was about, have a look at the following video.

9. Examine your Finances

There really is no time like the present to take stock of your finances. While you’re looking for further opportunities, you’d really want to be ready for any and every possibility that may come next. A part of understanding how to move forward is to be prepared financially.

Get rid of debt where possible; see if there are any loans that need to be paid off and any other financial obligation you need to meet. If you are considering going the entrepreneurial route you will need to have some kind of start-up capital in order to get going.

10. Take Informed Decisions

The most important thing you can do when it comes to the job/ field/ career path you aspire to, is to take informed decisions. Embrace enthusiasm by all means, but do also remember to do your homework. Communicate, forge alliances, research and be as prepared as you can possibly be for decisions that need to be made. Your future self will thank you for it.

Take care and make great decisions!


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      4 years ago

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      4 years ago

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      4 years ago

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