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the 5 bloggers who make the most money online from blogs

Updated on February 5, 2013

So you want to make money online with a blog? Check out the most successful blogging sites, and see how much they make. You may not be the next Arianna Huffington (owner of the most lucrative blog), but you may learn from these successful bloggers what it takes to make money blogging.

1. The Huffington Post ($2.3 million/month) Yes, the Huffington Post is technically a blog. Their ad revenues are incredible, because their model is ridiculous. Many blogs have one or two contributors. The Huffington Post is a blog turned newspaper type industrial article production factory. Their model is almost impossible to replicate.

2. Mashable ($560k/month) Another blog turned article production line, Mashable is the brain child of Pete Cashmore. It is a techie/newsie/digiphile news style outlet producing articles on everything from twitter trends to digital innovations in the healthcare industry. The basis of their success is simple: write about what people care about, but only if you know what you are talking about. Tech pros submit articles every few minutes, as a result the site has thousands of posts collecting income and visitors.

3.Perez Hilton ($450k/month) This site is like those magazines in the checkout aisle at Farm Fresh. The brainchild/persona of Mario Lavandeira, it revolves atround celebrity gossip. Articles about the Kardashians, Brad Pitt, etc are raking in the dough for the site.

4. TechCrunch ($400k/month) Similar to Mashable in concept, this site is a constantly updated news source for techies. They post articles, reviews, and how to's. Their success is again found in writing many informatic=ve articles that concern things people are googling for.

5. Smashing Magazine ($190k/month) The site is full of new articles, and constantly updated. Visitors will notice their main source is ad banners right away. They have heavy hitters advertising on their site, which makes heavy money.


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      What type of blogging forum do they use?