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The Best Social Media Management & Aggregation Tool

Updated on October 12, 2011

Get this tool, try this page, blah de blah blah....

Plain and simple. I register, download, research, review, diddle, and sometimes, I'll admit, curse, social media management and aggregation tools. I do this for the greater good for those clients who may know how to carry out elements of a social media campaign, but just do not have the time to do so. Clients also have very legitimate points when it comes to all of the well-known tools available since not all of them seem to address the many formats specific to certain industries.

*"But I don't need to manage that type of media, I need to manage _____ (insert type here)"

*"I don't have time to use four different tools"

*"I have an _____ (insert IT related educational achievement here) degree! And I can't even manage this."

*"What IS this??"

Enter Alternion

Social media tools
Social media tools

All-Emcompassing Social Media Tool

You can stand there holding your old tool if you want to, but I am headed to Alternion for life. Why? Well, because while your tool is fine and may have served its purpose, three years ago, Alternion is as innovative as it can get.

In this case, it is more like "I'll just show you mine, it will make you ashamed of yours anyway." AKA. I'll not embarrass myself mentioning other tools that may be somewhat close to Alternions capabilities, and you won't have to be embarrassed by the fact that you still use them.

No Offense - But Mine is WAY Bigger than Yours

Social media tools
Social media tools

Before you go all rebel and start to rant about how many connections you can attain on YOUR social media tool, have a looky here. I know it may be hard to swallow, but YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not the only social media networks out there. Although I still applaud sites that have successfully integrated all four of the big dogs, I still can't quite say enough for the fact that Alternion has connected me to 122 social networks, in a wide variety of formats.

The picture speaks for itself. Is your current social media management tool equipped to encourage the management of your e-commerce, or photography business? Alternion is.

Get Your SMM In Gear!

I wish I had known about Alternion when I wrote this beginners guide to social media. This book is made for beginners only, is only 99 cents, and will explain to you WHY social media is important, and what new business owners can do themselves to initiate their social media advertising campaigns.

As a matter of fact, if you are a small business owner who could use this book, shoot me an email letting me know you have signed up at Alternion for their beta, and I'll shoot you this eBook for free!

Welcome to Alternion - Alternion Dashboard

Alternion Dashboard
Alternion Dashboard

There really is no need to hash out all of the things Alternion can do. You may as well just grab an invite and see for yourself. The dashboard contains all of the information you need to gather about the what, how, and where of this social media tool.

Social Media Network Filtering - To keep you from beating your head on the wall when trying to find that one video your friend posted

Social media tools
Social media tools

Obviously, once your networks begin to grow to epic proportions you may be losing out on things meant for your eyes specifically. In order to eliminate that issue use the filtering options on your accounts to look for ONLY what you need to see.

Tweet with Ease (On the Eyes) - Seriously.. why is Twitter so tiny and difficult to read..?

Social media tools
Social media tools

I mean I know why they did it, but not all of us are mobile users, or at least not all of the time. But really, Alternion does something for Twitter that I've never seen another tool do - remove the annoyingly painful display of Twitter itself. This relieves me, most especially since I am -you know- getting up there these days, and when I use Twitter I always get a flashback of how my Mom and Dad used to squint at books and newspapers before the law made them get glasses so they would stop taking out all of the mailboxes and driveway reflectors in the neighborhood. Sure, I can CTRL and scroll up on my mousewheel to zoom in, but unfortunately, needing to zoom also makes me feel like I am too old to even be using Twitter.

Obviously, Alternion was developed by folks that have a good hearty appreciation for their long term visual health. Thanks for that!

Collaborative Email Options - For Old School Techies

Social media tools
Social media tools

Most of us who have been around on the web for.... well as long as there has been a web, most likely have a main email account (unless they are just plain crazy#!@) as well as a few lingering old ones that just won't seem to go away. Sure enough, just when you think it is finally dead, you find some spectacular job offer that could rock your world, except, it was received four months ago. For this reason, many of us rather enjoy being able to easily hook up those old accounts so we don't miss out on life's greatest events if they come through emails.

Social media tools
Social media tools

The Solution to Social Media Management

Alternion takes care of those dire questions launched at me by clients who cover many different industries and niches.

*"But I don't need to manage that type of media, I need to manage _____ (insert type here)"

Alternion acknowledges that many other social networks are integral parts of a complete SMM plan, this is why they currently have support for 228 sites.

*"I don't have time to use four different tools"

Obviously, the developers at Alternion didn't either, that's why they created Alternion.

*"I have an _____ (insert IT related educational achievement here) degree! And I can't even manage this."

Alternion can be managed my my Grandmother, seriously. It may have taken me 20 minutes to teach her how to find it in my favorites, but it only took me about 8 minutes to teach her to Tweet with it.

*"What IS this??"

I feel your pain. However, you will suffer no pain or frustration using Alternion's dashboard. It is minimalistic and simplistic while still providing easy navigation and filter management.

Does Alternion Sound Like Something You Need? - Share your opinion!

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    • mggxx81 profile image

      mggxx81 5 years ago

      Nice read

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 5 years ago

      Good info, thanks

    • SayGuddaycom profile image

      SayGuddaycom 6 years ago

      Very Interesting

    • JRLSolutions profile image

      Joy Lynskey 6 years ago from Moneta, Va

      I don't think you will be disappointed!

    • profile image

      1stchoicemarketing 6 years ago

      Yes it does. I will check it out and let you know if it compares to what we use currently. Thank you for your write up!