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The Dice Game for Direct Sales Events

Updated on June 24, 2014

Play the Dice Game for Bookings

If you're struggling to fill your calendar with direct sales parties, you can do vendor events to meet new people and get some fresh bookings.

The Dice Game is more effective and way more fun than a simple email sign up form!

Remember to be fun, positive and energetic - people will flock to your table to join the fun.

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles /
Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles /


  • Big fuzzy dice
  • 11 cards - e.g. index cards, scrapbook paper
  • Envelopes (optional)
  • Big gift bag
  • 10-15 dollar store prizes
  • Small containers - e.g. ring boxes, Easter eggs
  • Current & next month's calendar


1. Make your cards - and make them bright and inviting! If you are using scrapbook paper, number the decorative side and write the prize on the blank side. Cards should be numbered 2-11. Optional - number envelopes to hold the cards instead of numbering the cards. Just don't seal the envelopes!

On the back of each card should say:

#2 - GRAND PRIZE (more info on prizes below)

#3,4,5,12- PICK A PRIZE

#6,7,8,9,10,11 - BONUS** (Be sure to leave the asterisk. They will only get the bonus if they book a show.)

2. Prepare your "pick a prize" bag. Use a big, bright gift bag, or you can decorate a large box with a top (you don't want anyone to peek before they win!) - again, you want these to coordinate with your table and be cheerful and inviting. Tape or glue a "Pick a Prize" sign to the front.

3. On small slips of paper, write things like "free shipping," "25% off," "BOGO 1/2 off," "Booking Bonus" etc. Also add 1-2 "draw again" - put those slips of paper in your small containers. Ring boxes would be great for jewelry companies, Easter eggs in the springtime, even tiny purses or empty lip gloss containers - anything little but big enough to grab from your prize bag.Add these and all your dollar store prizes to the pick a prize bag.

4. Set up your calendar to work for you. Print out the current and next month's calendar. Start by filling in at least one day each week just for you. Next, plan any family and spousal time. Write in any other work related activities (day job, scheduled parties, etc.). Finally, highlight the days that are free for parties.

5. At the event, lay your cards numbered side up along the front of your table. Candy should be placed next to the cards on the front of the table. Set your prize bag on the table but farther back to discourage peeking. Place the calendars along the back of the table along with a couple pens. Dice should be in your hand and you should stay in front of the table throughout the event!

6. As guests walk near your table, greet them with a smile and "Hi, have you ever heard of [company name]?" as you place the dice right into their hands. Let them tell you if they are familiar with your company, then ask them if they'd like to roll the dice for a chance to win your grand prize!

7. Each guest gets one chance to roll the dice. The total shown on the dice is the number of the card they will pick up. No matter what they win, make sure they feel like they are the big winners of the day! Get excited, congratulate them, dance around if you want. They will feed off your energy!

Number 2 is statistically the least rolled number so there's a very low chance you will give out your grand prize.

If they roll 3, 4, 5, or 12, have them close their eyes and choose a prize from your bag. If they choose a discount container, the order must be placed during the event.

If they get 6-11, let them know how much their bonus is worth (I suggest $50, but you can go as high as $100 - more on that below), and then say "All you have to do is hold a party within the next 60 days to get your bonus gifts!" Show them your calendar and suggest 2 dates that work best for you.

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Use ring boxes in your pick a prize bag for discounts.



What should I use for the Grand Prize?

The Grand Prize should be actual product from your company worth about $100 to your customer. You can include products not offered by your company to fill in the gap a little bit - e.g., if you work for a jewelry company you could include jewelry cleaner, if you work for a candle company you could include a lighter and candle snuffer, if you work for a purse company you could include little things to put in the bag like tissues and band-aids. Just remember that your company's product should make up the vast majority of the Grand Prize!

What should I use for the prize bag?

Anything you can get for free or cheap (brand new of course) - people like anything they get for free! Dollar store goodies like lotions, lip balm, small notebooks or picture frames, coin purses, and Mardi Gras beads are fun. Free samples from your company are another good idea. "Filler" ideas from the Grand Prize section work great too, especially when they can be associated with your company. If the prizes are big enough, be sure to put on a label with your name, website and phone number!

What should I use for the Booking Bonus?

I suggest offering $50 in bonus gifts when they book and hold a party within 60 days. They will only get the bonus after the party is completed. The first step is getting them to choose a date within 60 days. Once they are on the books, let them know they just need to get 10 people at their party to receive the bonus. Like the Grand Prize, you get to choose the bonus - it should be mostly full-size product from your company but can contain a few filler items to get the $50 value.

How do I handle rejections?

Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of having a stranger in their house to have a direct sales party. If this happens, suggest they hold a party at a restaurant or even an online party!

If they want to book a party past 60 days, let them know you'll contact them at the beginning of that month but they will no longer be eligible for the bonus. Do not attempt to schedule an actual date past the 60 days - just get their contact information and get in touch a few weeks before.

Make sure you are fun, positive and energetic so people know their friends would have fun at a party with you!

The Dice Game for Home Parties

The Dice Game for events is adapted from the home party version of the dice game. Watch this video to see how to play it at the parties you book from the event!

Have you ever played the Dice Game at a party or event?

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