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The Money Trigger Review

Updated on July 16, 2014

The Money Trigger by Alex Jeffreys - a review

Alex Jeffreys is an internet marketing success story. Going from a broke builder's assistant, he has persevered where many of us would have given up and got from thousands in debt dragging his mother and (then) girlfriend with him, to making millions a year via selling motorcycles on Ebay through selling his own self-inspired ebooks and on to being a mentor to thousands of other people all over the world. His latest product - The Money Trigger is the result of his studies with 'guru to the gurus' Rich Schefren and Rich's subsequent lecture to some of Alex's students. The question was asked - "What's the number one skill you should learn to build a successful internet business?". Read on...

The Money Trigger - Review

What's the number one skill you should learn to build a successful internet business?

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I'm a student and admirer and admirer of Alex Jeffreys. I haven't seen a single product of his where he doesn't over-deliver on not only his main product but his bonuses too. In these days where having a few bonus items is expected - (which is usually some tacky PLR product), Alex tends to give you a whole load of extra stuff, created especially for the occasion which is always highly relevant and incredibly useful.

If you're a regular buyer of Alex's material you'll know that he shamelessly name-drops some of the gurus of the past ten years and that he is a firm believer in self-investment to further his own education, usually to the tune of several thousand dollars at a time. Even when he couldn't afford to, he invested $5000 in learning from Mike Filsaime (borrowed from his then girlfriend). When he'd squeezed Mike dry of everything he knew, Alex moved on to other gurus, getting every drop of knowledge from them too.

Now Alex would never call himself a guru but when he heard about Rich Schefren - often called guru to the gurus, he knew he'd have to take his training too. Alex was so impressed at what Rich taught him that he invited Rich to speak to his inner circle - Alex's top group of students, at a $5000 a head conference, where the question was asked - "What’s the number one key skill required to make money on the internet?”

The Money Trigger is the simple yet effective answer to that question.

The Money Trigger by Alex Jeffreys - Included in the price is an ebook, mp3 AND video tutorials (these are not upselling extras) - far more than you'd get from anyone else for the price.

So no hesitation - Just GO FOR IT NOW. The Money Trigger is a book that will change you life as an online marketer and if you haven't heard of Alex Jeffreys then you will do soon, and you'll like what you hear. If you HAVE heard of him, you'll know that he delivers, he over delivers, and does so every time, so what are you waiting for? Get THE MONEY TRIGGER now!

PS: Alex is updating everything until the very last minute (11am EST on 17th July 2014) so I can't fully tell you what's in the whole package yet. I'll let you know as soon as I can and update this post accordingly.

I may have forgotten to mention that The Money Trigger will cost less than $5. This is incredible value for money in these days of multi-hundred dollar packages that many feel the need to try to sell to the IM community.

Being cheap though doesn't mean it has no value. It's costs tens of thousands of dollars to consult with Rich Schefren, yet Alex has provided us with something to tap into that knowledge for a mere fraction of the cost. This is not something any marketer, no matter what their niche, can afford to ignore.

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