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The Post-it version of dry-erase boards. Yes, please.

Updated on June 18, 2015

Dry erase stickies?

Wow, man. Whoever came up with this idea should get a raise, STAT. To say the least, these guys are super convenient. Ever need to start a project, and then think to yourself, "Man, I would really love to have a dry erase board to put up in here, but I don't want to put a bunch of nails in my bedroom wall"? Or maybe some kind of crappy tape that ultimately tears the paint right off the wall itself? I've certainly done both of these things- gritted my teeth as I tore a chunk of painted drywall off, or pulled free a nail, realizing later on that I'd need to patch that hole later on.

Utilitarian use

Dry erase boards have helped me

  • accomplish goals (both short and long term)
  • stay on task for important due dates
  • stay focused in general (because I have to look at the project every day until it's done!)

Conventional dry-erase boards do much the same, but if your project moves location, you have to move the whole heavy, clunky works over there with you. Here, you literally just peel it off one wall and stick it onto another wall. If you're looking for smaller models, the same company actually manufactures a convenient 8.5 x 11 inch one as well.

Dry erase board at Revolution BJJ


Another use for us

Another thing we use the portable dry-erase board at Revolution BJJ for is the weekly class announcements. We have introductory programs that run on a weekly basis, with each week comprising a different theme at the gym. Week 1 will be attacking from the closed guard, week 2 will be opening up the closed guard, and so on. Obviously, we need to be able to update these on a weekly basis, and a conventional dry-erase board would work well for that, but the "post-it" style dry-erase board works really well for us because the room in which we're hosting the class on a given year might well move, or we might decide that that particular spot on the wall isn't ideal for capturing the students' attention.

Additionally, with the board being flush with the wall, we enjoy a better aesthetic, too. The "art" for the week blends in better with the wall, but still manages to catch the eye of the students.

Project management for me

What we've gotten done with these

In the past year at my gym (one of the businesses I own), we've accomplished more than 100 independent projects, averaging 2 projects a week. We use a system of AGILE (a project matrix up on the wall) and simple dry erase boards for tracking individual projects. I couldn't be happier with the way these things work. Now that I have ones I can peel and stick anywhere, I'm starting to use dry erase boards more from home in order to accomplish my personal goals for the year (including financial - knocking another $10,000 off my mortgage this year). All it takes is a little discipline and a lot of consistency, and keeping yourself accountable is the real key to both of these things! For me, the key to keeping myself accountable is - you guessed it- our old friend, the dry erase whiteboard.

Best of all, you have a great deal of flexibility. If you get sick of where you've put your whiteboard, just move it to another place! We actually prefer the way they sit flush against the wall to more conventional dry-erase boards.


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