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The Current Price of Copper

Updated on January 28, 2014

What is The Current Price of Copper?

Over the last 5 years copper has fluctuated from just over 1 dollar to more then 4 dollars per pound, Making it extremely sought after. So where will it settle? Well usually it averages at about 3.50 per lb but since prices have been a little higher then normal buyers have more supply. I

Learn where to find more scrap copper, How to sort it, and how to make the most money on your copper.

Current Copper Spot Price as of January 2014 3.26 Per LB


Where to sell your copper?

Your local Non-ferrous scrap buyer will probably pay you the most for your copper, You can find on on the Scrap Yard Directory Or you can try eBay


Just a little about copper

Copper is a reddish-brown element.

in the scrap business it's color is unique among the elements.

It won't attract a magnet So alway test that aspect

It's both very malleable and extremely ductile

It may be the most ductile element; it can be stretched into wire that's so thin it's nearly invisible to the naked eye.

It's an excellent conductor of heat.

It oxidizes to a reddish-brown that eventually becomes a light bluish-green.

It melts at 1982.12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Scrap copper


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    • profile image

      hallie-brady-16 4 years ago

      While all precious metals have value, it is a better idea to Invest in Silver than to begin looking into copper. While silver costs less than gold, it offers similar benefits since it has also seen a steadily increasing value and is a stable investment. However, because it is less expensive, it is easier to begin investing in. I buy my silver from APMEX. They have great prices and have always been reliable.

    • Sflick LM profile image

      Sflick LM 5 years ago

      Hey Nice Len Andrew, you certainly know your stuff about copper. I have just the thing to pull copper cable out the ground with LOL..

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Don't we all wished we'd saved our copper for these kind of prices!