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The role of a CEO advisor

Updated on August 8, 2012

What is a CEO advisor?

A CEO advisor is a highly experienced business professional who has reached a level of extreme competence, expertise and knowledge and is utilizes as a trusted resource by highly paid company Directors, Chief Executive Offers, Chairmen and senior executive.

In today's business, CEOs are pushed to the limit and their day-to-day responsibilities can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. Decisions must be made on the spot and at times; with little, if any knowledge or experience of the matter on the table.

Why use a CEO advisor?

Having someone else to call upon in these times of great strain can be very rewarding, satisfying and most importantly, invaluable. Regardless of the unflappable nature of a CEO, no one is perfect. Mistakes can happen and invariably do happen when an individual fails to understand that taking sole responsibility of key decisions and mission critical tasks is not always the best decision.

Gaining the valued and experienced opinion of a trusted mentor or advisor can lead to refreshing ways of assessing risk, return and reward based on their impartial nature that no colleague within the walls of the corporate structure could ever give. Sometimes it takes a fresh head to understand the real challenges in front of you.

As a senior member of a corporate team, one can easily be blinded by the regimental nature of the day-to-day working life and it is at these critical times that CEOs can make careless mistakes and reckless decisions, having taken their eye off the ball unwittingly and unfortunately, unconsciously.

Granted, we are all human and with the rigors of modern working life, which demands a huge amount of repetition, structure and organization, is it any surprise that our thinking becomes narrow?

If these key ingredients have recently applied to you as a CEO or senior decision, maybe it's time you considered using a trusted aide like an experienced CEO advisor.

The key benefits of using a CEO advisor

One component of business that has never changed is the invaluable nature of experience; something that is only gained through time, learning processes and in many cases mistakes as well as success.

All around the world, CEOs are getting younger and hungrier. In a lot of cases, this is due to their entrepreneurial spirit; having started up a company from a groundbreaking idea; only to see that idea explode at an unprecedented rate of success. Can such a young entrepreneur keep up with such rapid growth? In some cases possibly but in most, it is practically impossible.

Technology has led to a fast paced business world but as people, we simply cannot evolve at the same hectic rate. It is evolutionarily and physically impossible. However, this has never stopped many leading CEOs from attempting to take on too much responsibility in an attempt to keep up with the times.

With so much attachment to the business, it has become a wrench to let go and delegate responsibilities that they need to trust in others. By doing so, they seriously jeopardize the real burning issues of their day-to-day job and it is at these vitally important crossroads where businesses can begin to fall away.

It’s only human nature to want to keep hold of what one created however, it’s exactly at this point that CEOs need to understand that sharing responsibility is not a measure of one’s failure, it is a measure of the successful business they have established and thus; they must realize that by giving another member of their team more responsibility to take on certain tasks, it is simply confirmation that they have excelled in their job.

Sadly, many CEOs do not recognize this and fail to detach themselves from parts of their job that are holding them back from the burning issues. This is where mistakes happen and bad decisions are made.

A CEO must know their limits

Any CEO who has recognized that they are inundated and need assistance is not admitting defeat; they are recognizing the measure of their success. They realize that if they are to continue to perform their tasks to the same level in the future, they need to maintain a consistent amount of clarity that allows them to make the right decisions going forward. Only space and time can achieve this.

This is where a CEO adviser can help. There is no embarrassment in gaining a second opinion and with the aid of a trusted adviser at your side; it is reassuring to know that an impartial and objective mind is always there to give you their insight and guidance at these pressing times.

If you feel that this article resonates with where you presently are; promise yourself one thing and that is this: take a moment out of your day and consider if you really are truly able to perform all of your day-to-day tasks as best as you can in your present situation.

If the answer to this question is not an outright instant yes, perhaps you need to consider where you job can be made more efficient. As I have iterated before; a CEOs success is not measured through hard work but through your decisions and their outcomes. You can only perform your tasks well when you have the clarity, time and resources available to make them with the best of judgment.

An experienced CEO advisor may be just the answer you are looking for to achieve that goal.

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