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The things I wish to accomplish this year

Updated on February 26, 2013

My bucket list

As we say good bye to 2012, I have yet to figure out what I need to put in my bucket. After watching the movie "The Bucket List", do I list all the things I want to do or would have done had I not been in a car accident. Or should I readjust my list to the conditions that I am living in now. Well, how about you over there reading this? What do you think? Oh come on, it is not the end of the world, oh yeah, we already did the end of the world. That will be another story for another time. Today I am writing about the choices we make to fill our bucket lists. Are you ready to put on your thinking cap too? Well then, come on let's go.!

Ok, I am not doing the traditional, loose weight, quit smoking (I did that last year!) The fact of the matter is I have no clue what I want to put in my bucket list. So, Let me see, Oh I have the Garage project and I am sure some of you may have this too. Come on, let's go take a peek. Here in the Great Northwest it gets rather chilly, so lets grab a jacket, as I get cold chills down my arms. The hair on my arms are standing up and I would swear that I can hear them so, "No, please don't take us out there!" Oh my Lord! Where to begin we have boxes everywhere and Lord help me, now I know why my boyfriend wouldn't let me out here. Ok, so on my bucket list, I suppose I wont be able to do much more than supervise. Well that is alright, we can move on to my next item to add on my list.

Going to the warmer climate
Going to the warmer climate

So we are adding another line to "our Bucket List'

Don't give up there is always something to add in.

Ok, so the first item on my list did not work out very well. That is ok, we will just have the boyfriend bring in the boxes as soon as he can. Now we can sit down and start two piles. One pile for the things we want to keep and the other pile of the things we can now live without.. I am a big one for being a pack rat. Since, the last time I wrote my 1st lens, lots has happened. My doctors have said I can no longer work, and well I am just not very good with that, I have always made a living at whatever and I always have enjoyed my jobs While I am sorting through things in these boxes and I am trying to condense everything, I realized just how easy it is to accumulate more stuff. .

Well on cold days this is not the easiest thing to be doing. I can hardly move, but I know it has to get done. I wish my bucket list were longer at the moment, but since my life was put on hold, and is still kinda going in the holding pattern, I figured, why not create my bucket list. You can always add more to it , re-modify it or outright throw it away and start over. But whatever you do, follow through with what you want to do. This brings me up to another topic that I was sharing with a friend of mine. My wonderful nutty gay friend has two children whom are boys. Unfortunately, they do not live with him, so I was telling him, "When you make a promise to your children, don't break it!" This also holds true for ourselves. I like to be the one that if I tell you that I am going to do something for you or with you, I always follow through with what I say I will do. Ok, that was all I was going to say about that subject. The one person who knows you te best you, So if you keep all the promises that you tell some one else that you will do, do it for you too!

Zena, Me and Harjinder
Zena, Me and Harjinder

The last line in my bucket list.

It is a start anyways, and I can always build on..

My last thing I would like to get done this year is getting us moved to a warmer state. Now I know you must be wondering why I would want to move away from the beautiful Great Northwest. Well since my accident my bones just don't do very well in the drab weather we have here. Besides that I thrive on the sunshine. Both of us were born in California and we need the sun to get our energy, or at least that is what we think. That works for me. As you may have noticed in the picture we have a furry friend with us.

We had originally planned to take "Zena" with us to the warmer climates. Well those plans were changed this last November when we had to put our beloved Zena down. It has been very hard for us at times.Even though we have the other furry feline with us, it is some how not the same. So now it is our hopes that when we get to the warmer climate that our FAT cat will loose some weight. It will be a welcomed change that we both have been waiting for. Our families will still be in the Northwest, so during the summer months and the weather is warm up here we will be coming up to visit the FAM.

So we can at least start with this as our bucket list and there is always room to add, delete or whatever we decide to do with this list. Happy Bucketing everybody!

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This is where you can tell me if you like my writing or not. If you have any suggestions as to what I can do to improve my writing skills or whatever. I would like to hear from you. Thanks! Keep on writing!!

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    • Kalafina profile image


      5 years ago

      I think you need to write more and more here. My life changed but many of my dreams are still there. Don't think it is over! I refused to give up my planned trip to Israel&Egypt even though I was physically a mess. So I kept within my limits and did it via wheelchair. Keep your bucket list going and never give up on staying positive. Blessed.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm all for moving to warmer climates. It won't happen anytime soon. This has me thinking. I need to put together a bucket list and get to work.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What a great idea. I just would like to hear more about what you are doing as you go through each phase of your current bucket list. Maybe follow up with how you made your decisions on what to keep and what not to keep...and giving tips on that. Also it will be fun to hear about your adventures when you do move to that sunnier and warmer state. Where do you think you will be going? Have you decided on a place yet?

      That is a terrific picture of your 'fam' with your dog Zena. We lost our puppy last year too. They cannot be replaced...but you will have your cat and perhaps other pets along the way to fill your heart with new joys too. Nice job writng. You have a very friendly, down to earth way about you and your writing.


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