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The Busy Body Idea - A True Attempt at Creating a Better Business

Updated on February 28, 2012

Introducing The Busy Body Idea

Currently in the preliminary stage, The Busy Body Idea is undergoing evaluation. We want constructive criticism and thorough input to help refine our business structure.

The Busy Body Idea, what we're calling it for this purpose, is quite appropriate for what we are working on here. This business is being structured to work both with as well as for, everyone involved. The concept is that everyone has a chance to get involved, and everyone involved will benefit.

The business is structured to obtain funding through an internal shares system, operate with willingly cooperative staff, creating, distributing, and selling, both products and goal-oriented services, with incentives and returns driving every aspect of the business, even in selling our products.

This business is focused on development and production, from the start of an idea to the full fruition of seeing it through, all the way to the customer and then some. The objective is to empower everyone involved to achieve goals, whatever they may be, and with each goal we make, we all are rewarded.

What We Are Looking For And How You Can Help

Foremost, we need input, from expert sources willing to come to our aid, authoritative people who know the ins and outs of business who will lend a helping hand, and we also need feedback and information from everyday people to help orient our business planning to solidity. We ARE serious and we need to cover all our angles to make this work for everyone.

Experts And Authorities

We have many details of our business structure which are awaiting refinement - taking into account business ethics, codes, and laws, especially those associated with accounting, taxation, and business law. If you would be willing to aid us in our pursuit we would be glad to hear from you directly. Please use the button above to contact me directly in an email with how you could help us. If you're willing, you could post your inquiry in the comments section below instead, or you can do both.

A certain level of trust is warranted here, we don't want anything disclosed on our internal business structure. Through learning of our business and helping us, you will see where you yourselves will be rewarded as well.

To Everyone

Here is your chance to help get things under way.

The following is a list of poll questions, followed by some subjects with details that we would like to hear your opinions on - you don't have to respond to them all, and unless you feel inclined to, we hope you would at least give feedback on one or two you may feel strongly about responding to. Please, we urge you to take this seriously and know that no response will be disregarded.

Poll #1 - Do you agree that, no matter the honesty, no matter the preporation, any business venture automatically assumes risk?

See results

Poll #2 - Understanding risks involved, if you were to consider investing in a business that operated on an internal shares market structure (meaning it functions outside the stock market), considerin

See results

Poll #3 - Would you consider investing in such a market, to be brought in under our wing, in a sense, if we could provide for it for you, and/or would you see this type of "financing", though on a lim

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Poll #4 - Do you or does someone you know have potential for good things and would just like a way to bring that potential to fruition?

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Poll #5 - Would you agree with working with a company that grants an automatic incentive for those who come on board, considering as well that such a company is working to make good things happen?

See results

Poll #6 - Would you agree with purchasing a company's product that comes with the possibility of paying for itself further down the line?

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Poll #7 - We want to have a broad yet appropriate range of business objectives, product areas, and project ventures to take on. Of the following, which of these are most appealing to you, or which do

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Discussion Material

What we want to do is to have a solid foundation, a primed and ready soil, so to speak, that will allow us to "plant" and "grow" positive endeavours. We understand that not every endeavour may make it to fruition, and we would still like the opportunity to assume the risk.

We would like to hear your feedback on these matters:

- Do you see light at the end of this tunnel - could you see a business oriented in this fashion as being profitable?
- What do you like most about the possibility of such a business?
- What negative aspects, as specifically as possible, do you see hindering such a business?
- Could you see yourself coming to such a company with an endeavour of your own you could use help with?
- Could you see yourself working together with others involved in such a business with a devotion to making good things happen?

We want to thank you for taking the time to read this, and further thanks ahead of time for responding if you choose to do so.

Thank you!

- Christopher Dapo


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