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Three Wolf T-Shirt And Other Amazing Amazon Reviews

Updated on March 27, 2013

Everything begins with a humorous comment, then another and after some hours you have a string of absurd comments and a new unstoppable phenomenon in the net has been born.

In Amazon they are astonished of how the Three Wolf T-Shirt has become one of the most popular items sold. In some days, the sales of the T-Shirt have increased 2.300% and orders from all over the world are received.

This is a case of a phenomena specific to the Internet, such as popular themes and catchphrases, viral videos etc. Such things grow rapidly on the Internet because its instant communication facilitates word of mouth. The search and rating features then amplify this interest.

. already have experience with this type of situations.

This is not the first time comedy reviews have gone viral and the users flood the page with ironic comments.

It already happened to them with the "Tuscan Whole Milk", the "Zubaz Pants", the "Uranium Ore" among others.

Three Wolf T-Shirt. Force, Powers, Attraction

In the T-Shirt with an epic-native touch, there are three wolves howling to the moon.

The first review gave the shirt five stars:

  • "Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women but cannot see wolves with arms crossed"

The bomb had just exploded. From there, comments of users narrated their incredible experiences after buying the garment began to snowball.

  • "The shirt gave me a +10 resistance to energy attacks, +8 strength... and I have successfully solved 7 crimes in my city"
  • "Unfortunately I already had this exact picture tattooed on my chest, but is very useful in colder weather"

Now allow me to tell my own experience: when I wear the Three Wolf T-Shirt my AdSense earnings skyrocket.

Tuscan Whole Milk

The first case of this phenomenon happened with the Tuscan Whole Milk.

In August 2006 there were more than a thousand reviews. At first Amazon deleted all the comments, which had grown to more than 500.

Later in the day, most of the reviews reappeared and new ones were quickly added.

  • "I give it only 3 stars because it only comes in one color. White just dosen’t work for everybody. Even underwear comes in a choice of colors. Sheesh, you’d think the vendor would’ve figured that out"
  • "My husband and I could not figure out how to assemble this. No instructions, no diagrams, not even a lousy cheap allen wrench"
  • "If god spit in my mouth, I assume this is what it would taste like. It’s that good"
  • "Tuscan Whole Milk ruined my life. I have no further details to add"

Zubaz Pants

Loose fitting, oversized pants usually worn by weight-lifters. Mimics a zebra-like coloured pattern.

  • "I was searching for clothes that speak to me.. These pants not only spoke to me, they entered my soul and transformed me. When I get out of my bitchin 78 camaro wearing these bad boys, there's no question who the boss man is"
  • "The first time I wore these pants, I tried to capture the spirit of the animal print from which they came: the Zebracorn (50% Zebra / 50% Unicorn = 100% real. See Google)"
  • "Until recently, I've had trouble finding pants that are both fashionable and conducive to my chosen fighting style (a lethal mix of Filipino stick fighting, Thai kick boxing, and Oklahoma pig grappling)"
  • "Not only was I the center of attention all day, women smiling all around, people who could never remember my name hi-fiving me, and even the kids at the IT dept inviting me over for some PBR's (petite brunette/red haired?)"

Uranium Ore

Radioactive sample of uranium ore. Useful for testing Geiger Counters.

  • "Ran out of toothpaste, and remembered how you're supposed to be able to use baking soda to clean your teeth, so of course, I accidentally used this instead, and Wow! all I can say is, my teeth have never been cleaner!"
  • "I just hope the seller does not run out, because I have many projects on my list including a night vision sasquatch radar, an electromagnetic chupakabra cage, a high velocity, aerial, weighted Mothman net and super heated, instant grill cheese sandwhich maker"
  • "I purchased this product 4.47 Billion Years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty"
  • "My DeLorean DMC-12 was running like CRAP until I found this stuff"

Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable

The product description says:

Get the purest digital audio you've ever experienced from multi-channel DVD and CD playback through your Denon home theater receiver with the AK-DL1 dedicated cable.

There is not anything bad with this. But, what is the price? $500.00 (Free Shipping of course)

  • "I was disappointed. I consider myself an audiophile - I regularly spend over $1000 on cables to get the ultimate sound. I keep my music-listening room in a Faraday cage to prevent any interference that could alter my music-listening experience."
  • "After I took delivery of my $500 Denon AKDL1 Cat-5 uber-cable, Al Gore was mysteriously drawn to my home, where he pronounced that Global Warming had been suspended in my vicinity."
  • "This product seems perfect for inflicting pain and torture as well as holding up size 48inch denim trousers but does nothing for audio quality. Trust me I know..."
  • "I connected this cable between my PC-XT/286 and my 300-baud accoustical coupler, and was thrilled to see that my Internet connection is now cruising along at speeds surpassing the fiber-optic 10-GigaBit ethernet speeds"

Platinum Radiant Cut 3-Stone

A 5.46 carat radiant-cut diamond and four trapezoid diamond sidestones on a 950 platinum band.

This bold and beautiful ring makes an extraordinary gift. It comes packaged in a luxury finished-wood box and includes a GIA certificate

And only cost $220,000.00 (You Save $118,800.00)

  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you! At a "savings" of over $118,000.00 how could I refuse?"
  • "When my fiance told me to choose whatever ring I wanted, I just knew I had to have this little beauty! What a stunner! I always knew I would marry for love"
  • "I wear two on every finger just to make Flavor Flav envious. I've misplaced a few so I keep a few dozen on standby."


If you want to read the reviews, they are at the bottom of the sales pages.

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