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Tibco Developers - Jobs, Job Description And Average Salary Range

Updated on January 17, 2011
 The sign of Tibco at Palo Alto, CA
The sign of Tibco at Palo Alto, CA | Source

Tibco Software Inc is one of the leading providers of business integration solutions. This article discusses all about Tibco, its software solutions and career opportunities in Tibco.

What Is Tibco?

TIBCO Software Inc is a company based in Palo Alto, CA and it is a leading provider of business integration software. It has branch offices all over the world and has been managing applications in real time for over 4000 customers. Tibco uses a unique technology called ‘Information Bus’(also known as ‘TIB’) to enable the distribution of information in real time.

Using‘TIB’ based architecture has a lot of advantages such as high scalability, faster development, easy maintenance and change, location transparency, error management, simplified monitoring etc.

As Tibco says in its website, it provides connectivity through enterprise integration for a wide range of technologies, including the following:

  • Packaged applications: SAP R/3, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite,, Lotus Notes, SWIFT, Kenan/BP, Portal Infranet, Clarify, and others
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, DB2 UDB for Unix, DB2 for z/OS, and DB2 for i5/OS
  • Mainframe and i5/OS technologies: CICS, IMS, DB2, VSAM, dataset files for z/OS and RPG program objects, Data Queues, and SPOOL files for i5/OS
  • Other standards and technologies: EJB, Files, LDAP, MQSeries, Tuxedo, COM, and CORBA
  • Custom integration: Java and C++

Job Description Of A Tibco Developer

  Here are the most common points seen in the job descriptions for a Tibco developer

  • Solid Experience with TIBCO Suite of Applications
  • Experience in design and development using Business works, Active Matrix, EAI and BPM
  • Strong, hands-on experience with Java and/or .NET technology development
  • Troubleshoot and provide support for Tibco based integration issues found in System Integration Test, User Acceptance Test, and Production.

 A Tibco developer will need to interact a lot with other departments and work with them together. Good communications skills and a degree in computer science is usually expected.

Demand and Average Salary For Tibco Developers

 Like developers for all the major IT skills, Tibco developers are paid very well. The average salary of a Tibco developer is in the range of $50k to $80k. It varies according to various other factors such as years of experience and job location.

 In third quarter of 2010, the demand for EAI/Middleware skills including Tibco, was 1% of the demand in the US for all the IT skills. The top 5 states for EAI/Middleware jobs were Illinois (IL), California (CA), Texas (TX), New Jersey (NJ) and Ohio (OH).

Apart from Tibco developers, there is a good demand for Tibco administrators and Tibco testing engineers.

Where to find Tibco developer jobs

  There are a lot of places online to look for Tibco jobs. Post your resume at technology job boards like, keep updating it and actively search for jobs. The general job portals are filled with all kinds of resumes and make it hard for an employer to filter through them to shortlist the right ones. They prefer these IT job portals to search for potential candidates.

A markertibco paulo alto -
TIBCO Software Inc, 3303 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1279, USA
get directions

The head quarters of Tibco Software Inc(3303 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1279, USA)

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List Of Tibco Products

Here is the complete list of Tibco products at the time of this writing, as given in the Tibco’s website:

Business Optimization

Analytics and Visualization       

    * TIBCO Spotfire®

Complex Event Processing       

·        TIBCO BusinessEvents™

Business Process Management

BPM in the Cloud        

    * TIBCO Silver BPM

BPM in the Enterprise  

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Spotfire®

    * TIBCO iProcess™ Suite

Process Modeling        

    * TIBCO Business Studio™

Simple Applications and Workflows     

    * TIBCO Formvine™

Service-Oriented Architecture

Business Integration     

    * TIBCO® Adapters

    * TIBCO BusinessWorks™ SmartMapper

Composite Applications           

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapters

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Bus

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Grid

    * TIBCO ActiveSpaces™

    * TIBCO Ajax Message Service™

    * TIBCO® General Interface

    * TIBCO PortalBuilder®

External Connectivity   

    * TIBCO BusinessConnect™

    * TIBCO BusinessConnect™ Remote

    * TIBCO BusinessConnect™ Trading Community Management

    * TIBCO® Foresight

    * TIBCO® Managed File Transfer

    * TIBCO RocketStream

    * TIBCO Slingshot

    * Harbor File Transfer

    * Harbor Network Storage Manager

Grid Computing           

    * TIBCO GridServer®

    * TIBCO Grid Federator™

    * TIBCO Grid Analytics


    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Lifecycle Governance Framework

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Policy Manager

    * TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Performance Manager

    * TIBCO Hawk®

    * TIBCO® Enterprise RTView

Mainframe Integration  

    * IBM i Integration

    * Mainframe Adapters

    * Mainframe Messaging

    * TIBCO Substation ES™

    * TIBCO® Object Service Broker

Master Data Management        

    * TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager™


    * TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™

    * TIBCO Messaging Appliance™ P-7500

    * TIBCO Rendezvous®

Other Products         

    * Kabira

    * TIBCO® Netrics


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