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How to Write Keyword Friendly, Income Producing Articles That Will Pay You Income For Years to Come

Updated on June 29, 2014

Do you write articles as part of your online advertising campaigns?

Do you want to know how to create an article that will set you apart from most other article writers and set you up with a good source of income for years to come?

This article will explain how to prepare income producing articles that will pay you an income for years to come.

In order to accomplish this goal you need to draft articles that are evergreen in nature, are keyword rich, contain good quality, content filled material and are well written. Evergreen topics are topics that are original, timeless, fact-filled, interesting, well-written, authoritative, appeal to a mass audience, and are what I call “time neutral”. Choosing an evergreen topic that you can craft an article around is a challenge that few article writers can meet.

First of all, you must actually choose a topic that is “evergreen”. An evergreen topic is one that transcends time, is not time centred on a specific period of time and is interesting at the time of writing as well as years into the future. In other words, it transcends the test of time. It is relevant at time of writing and well into the future. It is not anchored in any time period nor in any belief system. It is truly something that has a life of its own. An evergreen article is one that is the first in on a topic and most often is on the cutting edge of things to come. It is a targeted niche that can be exploited uniquely with good quality and well written content.

Any topic worth writing about can be categorized into one of three potential types of subject matter:- news, opinions or evergreen.

Many article writers choose to write articles about the first two types, news and opinions. But these articles are very temporal in nature and cannot be counted upon to make the writer any money. News today is not news tomorrow. Opinions today can change overnight and sometimes are diametrically opposed to what they once were. Writing articles on topics that are news related or opinion oriented may be “current” at their time of writing but rarely after that. Expecting traffic from these types of articles is truly self deluding. Articles that are written about evergreen topics, however, not only transcend time but in many cases, outlive the live of their author. Evergreen articles are not only truly “alive” but in fact live long after their creator has passed on, still generating traffic long after they were created.

News becomes old overnight, opinions change over time, evergreen topics remain current, fresh, interesting informative, and sought out.

Characteristics of an evergreen article

Evergreen articles are known by their common characteristics, which are as follows:-

Must be topical

Must be timely, and yet timeless

Must be appealing to the masses

Must be interesting reading and cause the reader to follow along

Must be easily researched and found online

May be opinion, but must be grounded in facts and arguments must be defendable

Has brought reader to your article because they did online research for your topic

Must be professionally written, using content rich primary keywords and selected secondary keywords.

Title must contain the primary keyword and attract the attention of the reader or searcher through the same keywords he entered into the search engines..

Evergreen topics stand the test of time even if there is a lag or delay between the time you write the article and the time it starts to generate traffic to itself.

It may seem like an oxymoron but the slow and steady way of generating traffic to your website or blog through properly written and keyword rich articles is the best way to generate long term and steady online income over time. Understanding what people search online and then using those keywords they actually use to find what they need in your article and article title will maximize your success in producing an income earning article every time out.

Certain keywords are “target friendly” and are exactly what people are using to find information online. Finding those exact “target friendly” keywords and then using them correctly in the body of your article as well as in the title will ensure that you generate focused and targeted traffic to your article. If your article is promoting a certain product or affiliate program, you will also generate an increase in sales as a result of that article.

Furthermore, certain keywords are not “time-sensitive” in that they far outlive today’s fads and trends. For example, “how to lose weight”, or “how to stop hair loss now”, and “how to bake an delicious apple pie” are keyword terms that can form the basis of an evergreen article that will long outlive any trendy, temporal or faddish topic that may be around today. These types of keywords will always be keyed into the search engines by people seeking information on their selected topic of interest. Moreover, their attraction, lustre, and relevance will not fade as time goes by because these topics are evergreen, and these words are evergreen keywords. Writing an article centred around evergreen keywords that target evergreen topics is the blueprint for generating an endless amount of focused and targeted traffic to your article, and then the attendant increase in sales and income for your product or affiliate program.

The relevancy of these evergreen topics and attendant evergreen keywords will outlive the fading of the days, the changing of the seasons, the aging of the population, the changing of opinions, the fading of memories and the wearing out of clothes. In fact, these keywords will still be searched decades from now as people seek answers to questions they have and solutions to problems they experience and any article crafted around these timeless and evergreen keywords will long continue to produce for you not only endless and targeted traffic to your article but regular and increasing deposits into your bank account.

Research your keywords carefully and draft articles centred around your primary keyword and secondary keywords and incorporate your primary keyword into the title of your article. Intersperse the primary keyword into the body of your article about three or four times for every one hundred words of your article and you will maximize the success of your efforts. An article drafted in this manner will continue to draw traffic to it and produce for you an income over the passing years if you have a product associated with it or if you are promoting an affiliate program with that article.

How to build your list with Article Marketing!

Long Tailed Keyword Research

Long tailed keywords are those such as “how to lose weight safely and easily” or “how to bake a delicious apple pie” and are clearly more explanatory and targeted to people actually searching for information online. These long tailed keywords are the actual words being keyed by actual people spending time online looking for a solution to a problem. As such, they are more appropriate for you to target in your articles as they are the actual words real people are using to search for information online. When you identify the actual words being used by actual people looking for a solution with money to spend in their hands, you have in fact found the key to what they need and they will be happy to pay you to help them with their problem.

By using “target friendly”, long-tailed keywords both in the body of your article and in your article title and by using your secondary keywords strategically in the body of your article you will fashion an article that will soon become a money making vehicle for you over the years to come. An article that is truly “evergreen” that will stand the test of time and outlive and outlast every other faddish and curious article that others may write. The true path to a significant and regular online income through article marketing is in the preparation of these content-rich, and evergreen articles that are written around target friendly keywords that will remain robust, popular and researched over time. By following this one principle you will receive traffic in two ways:- initially from the keywords contained in your article body and title as people target these “target friendly” keywords and secondly, from searches going on thousands of times daily from people looking for these keywords and finding your article.

How to prepare a keyword friendly article that search engines love

There are many suggestions on how to prepare a good quality, keyword-rich, and SEO ready article that the search engines love.

As ironic as it may seem the first thing to remember is that you should write for your audience, not for the search engines. You need to craft your article in an interesting fashion that readers will love and remember, as opposed to one that is appealing to the search engines for a temporary time.

You should build trust with your audience through the writing of your article. An informative article written by an authoritative author that captures the attention of the reader will be remembered long after the reading of that article. Building trust with your readership will over time brand you as an authority on the topic that you write on. If you write often enough on a certain topic and you engage your readers, you may soon become to be viewed as an expert in that niche. Readers will start to expect your next article and will begin to key in your name in search engines to find your next article. Once that happens you will have found a ready made market for any product that you may be promoting.

As you gain a readership and following of your articles you may soon find that readers are searching you out for topics that you do not even write about. This is how you build a following of readers that will devour everything you may produce.

How are keywords important to your article marketing efforts?

Keywords are extremely important in the success or failure of your articles to generate targeted traffic to your website or blog. Keywords are the main part of any website, blog, or article online because all the search engines search for good quality content that is keyword rich and easily found. The more finely and uniquely your identify and target your keywords, the more targeted traffic your articles will receive from the search engines. The more targeted traffic your articles receive, the more sales your website or blog will make.

Writing an article centred around one long tailed keyword and two or three secondary keywords is a practice that can get you listed on google for your article’s keywords. Writing several articles in your targeted niche on related and secondary keywords you have decided to target can make you an authority in the subject matter and readers will soon come to that conclusion. Writing a multitude of such keyword rich, good quality and content laden articles will soon cause you to be viewed as an expert in the field. You will be sought out by readers and others for your opinion and views on the subject matter.

Watch this video on how to do article marketing effectively!

Anticipate content and write about it before others do

The best topic to be reviewed and written is one that has not yet bee reviewed and written.

Those who are the first to write about something are truly trailblazers and cut the path for others to follow. Be on the lookout for new and emerging topics that you can capitalize on and forge the way into a new niche. Recently, there was an example cited of a case of an observant internet writer who noticed that there were over 200,000 daily searches for the long tailed keyword “Miley Cyrus lips” after a performance that this performer gave where she had her lips and tongue as prominent props in her performance. At time of writing of this article there is yet to appear on the scene any products related to someone getting”Miley Cyrus lips” but if I were a betting man I would expect something in that regard shooner rather than later.

Anyone who can create a product that would result in these types of lips being produced at will should make a small fortune for their efforts. You would have a ready made market of some 200,000 customers who would be ravenous for such a product. At a price of, say $25, one could make a killing on such a product! Potential markets like this reveal themselves on a daily basis if one is attentive and alert to changing circumstances.

How do you locate profitable new niches to target with articles?

Finding such new niches can make someone very rich indeed.

The question becomes, how do you locate profitable new niches?

Here are some suggegstions:-

Do an online search for anything that tweaks your interest.

Do keyword extraction and refinement to identify high quality and low entry niches.

Visit eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Answers and search around for trends.

Identify what is current in terms of politics, the economy, health, wealth, and evern the latest movie trailer or buzz.

Review large circulation periodicals and magazienes to gauge what is current.

Talk shows like Oprah and the late night talkies are prime sources for what is current and in vogue.

Movie stars, rock musicians and the like are prime sources for what is in vogue with that crowd, that ca be very lucrative for you to exploit.

In clonclusion, the only articles that you should ever attempt to write are evergreen artticles as defined above. Evergreen articles will carry your link across cyberspace and generate an online income for you for years to come. Evergreen articles are the only articles that can even hope to stand the test of time and be around long enough to hope to make you an income by generating targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Tips to Succeed with Article Marketing

Evergreen articles are known by their common characteristics, which are as follows:-

Must be topical

Must be timely, and yet timeless

Must be appealing to the masses

Must be interesting reading and cause the reader to follow along

Must be easily researched and found online

May be opinion, but must be grounded in facts and arguments must be defendable

Has brought reader to your article because they did online research for your topic

Must be professionally written, using content rich primary keywords and selected secondary keywords.

Title must contain the primary keyword and attract the attention of the reader or searcher through the same keywords he entered into the search engines..

Evergreen topics stand the test of time even if there is a lag or delay between the time you write the article and the time it starts to generate traffic to itself.

Always Keep In Mind:-

  1. Stay on target and focused.
  2. Research your keywords properly.
  3. Make your article interesting and engage your readers.
  4. Use your primary keyword in your article body and in your article title.
  5. Use secondary keywords in your article body.
  6. Optimize your article for the Search Engines.
  7. Draft several articles targeting your chosen primary and secondary keywords.


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      4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Great hub and very useful information for someone like me who's using HubPages as a primary platform to earn passive income .. . Btw the thumbsdown was accidental lol ..


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