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Guides on Starting a Cleaning Business

Updated on April 24, 2017

A residential cleaning business is easier to start because it only requires a few resources to get your cleaning business together. If you don’t mind doing the cleaning yourself, you can even be a part of your cleaning crew and save up cost on hiring an additional employee. Commercial cleaning services on the other hand cater to a larger clientele such as business establishments, academic institutions and many others. As opposed to providing maid services, in commercial cleaning, janitorial services is offered.

When starting a cleaning business, you don’t necessarily have to give up your full-time job, as you can work and run your cleaning business at the same time. You can simply receive phone calls, schedule the time and assign a cleaning crew. As your cleaning business gets bigger, you’d probably have to give it more attention.

How to Start a Cleaning Service Business

Starting a cleaning business takes a lot of planning and preparations. It is best to read resources or talk to people who have undergone the process of starting a cleaning service. The initial phase of building any kind of business is the most important part. If done correctly, there is a very big chance of success. This is the reason why you have to be very well-prepared.

The first step that any business owner needs to undertake is to determine if the business is going to click or not. How do you exactly do this? Simply, by creating a business plan. First on your list should be the area, the location where you are going to situate your cleaning business. Make sure that when you choose an area, there are less competitors with the same business as yours. Next thing you should consider is the target market. You should decide which type of population you’re going to cater, the rich, the middle-class, single professionals and so on.

Another important consideration when preparing for any kind of business is the pricing. Since you’re going to offer cleaning services, you have to appropriately determine the rates of different services and offers. Aside from all these, your point of focus should also be centered on creating an effective marketing plan for your cleaning business.

Once you’ve already established a plan of action on starting a cleaning business, the next step is to know what is required from your area. Prior to starting any kind of business, there are certain requirements that you must comply and legal procedures that you need to undergo. It is very important to go through the normal process so that liabilities are avoided. And for one, it puts your mind at ease knowing that you have the federal government’s approval.

So what are the most common things that you need to comply? Here’s a simple checklist.

  • Create a business name and register.
  • Choose a business entity.
  • Apply for a business license.
  • Obtain necessary permits and additional licenses.
  • Get and insurance coverage.
  • Get hold of necessary business forms used in the specific industry you’re in.
  • Apply for Tax Registration.

After you’ve accomplished all these, decide whether you want to have an office or you just run your cleaning business online and do bookings. Customers are very particular when it comes to availability.


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