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Tips for Bargain Hunter

Updated on May 20, 2013

Online Bargain Hunter Insider Tips

Insider tips of how to grab a bargain of a lifetime in less than 60 seconds

In the past years, many online shops are offering great discounts up to 90% off or even $0 product with $0 shipping. However, many people are missing out on these deals because they are not fast enough. Because usually, there are only less than 100 products offered and with millions of people flocking into the same page at the same time, the chance of securing the deal is less than 0.1%.

Moreover, the website (even though they have a great server) usually will crash within 1 minute of posting the deal, so you'd better be quick or you'll miss out.

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For me personally as a bargain hunter, I have several tips that enable me to grab so many different products from so many different online shops. Hope the tips will be useful to you.

Missed out on a great bargain?

On several occasion, I missed out on great bargain. The reason behind it simply was because I didn't know what I want. For example: I was able to access one particular online shop during their $1 promotion for branded clothing. I've already chose one great dress, which was highly discounted (90% off). However, I wasn't sure about that dress, so I went back to the sale page and the website crashed. I refreshed the page for maybe 100 times, tried it for at least 30 minutes before I finally gave up and all sale clothing have already been snapped up.

Therefore, many past experiences show that it's extremely important for every online bargain hunter to understand and know exactly our needs, so during massive sale time, we can quickly click on the product/airline ticket/hotel we want, type in the payment detail and submit the order.

Tips and Tricks

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Here are some tips that have helped me to grab plenty of bargain during crazy massive sale online shops:

Few days / few hours BEFORE THE SALE STARTS

Check out the online shop website to figure out what the sale will be, for example: for tomorrow's birthday sale, they will sell iPod nano for $99, Wii console for $149, etc. Make up your mind and think hard what you want to purchase.

However, if the one-day sale is an airline ticket or accommodation sale; check out their terms and conditions first. For example: 1 hour hotel sale starts tomorrow from 5PM - 6PM, for stay between December 1st 2010 - January 31st 2011. Usually, the sale page will already have an information of which hotels are included in this 1 hour sale. Check it out, plan which hotel you want to stay at. for how long and which room type. It will make it easier and quicker to book a hotel during sale period because you have all the information.


1. For many online shops, you'll need to login before you can place any order. Therefore, make sure you've already registered as member for that site and login before the sale starts. I usually login 10 minutes prior to the start of the sale.

2. If your internet connection is quite slow (like me), do not open any other internet pages except the online shop that you wish to purchase from. If your computer is quite slow and it's been turned on for a while (for few hour), restart the computer first then open up the online shop that you wish to purchase from.

3. Get your Credit Card ready.

4. Type your Credit Card information on a notepad.

Do this:

a. Open notepad (Click Start -> Run -> Type "Notepad")

b. Type in your credit card details on the notepad, such as name and credit card number

DO NOT Save This CC information. When you finish with it on step 6, close the notepad without saving it.

5. Few seconds before the sale starts, refresh the home page / sale page.

6. When the sale starts, quickly grab the product you want to purchase, then on payment page, copy paste the CC data from your notepad. It will save you time comparing with typing manually.

7. Good luck!

Note: if you refresh the sale page on the exact time / few seconds after the sale starts, the odds are you'll lose to millions other people accessing that page few seconds before you and what you'll be getting is a page unavailable error. Timing is extremely important here and of course, fast internet, fast computer and your diligence in having all information ready to go will help you securing the deal of a lifetime.

Tips for an online bargain hunter - score deals of a lifetime in less than 1 minute

We should thank the eCommerce technology which allow us to secure great bargain from the comfort of our own home / workplace. Due to competitions, many online shops are offering crazy discount prices to enable them to stand up in front of their competitors and to gain free advertising to millions of people.

Companies from airlines, hotels providers, clothing to electronic stores are competing to provide a great deal for us, usually up to 90% off depending on the market. And with millions of people trying to secure the deal at the exact same time, the web server of the online shop cannot handle the traffic, hence, it crashes and leaving the website inaccessible and millions of dissapointed people promised themselves for never purchasing anything from that website ever again.

However, when few weeks later that same online shop - same site, offer another great deal, what will we do? Obviously, we'll try again to grab the bargain. For me personally, I love the increasing heart beat, the nervousness, the surprise and the excitement of securing a great product with discount of more than 70% off. And most of my friends know that I'm the Queen of Online Bargain Hunter because I have been successfully bought iPod Nano, Luxury Nappy Bag, Game Console, $1 Airline tickets, Clothes and many more from online shops which offered a one-time discount of more than 70% off before their sites crashed due to the traffic.

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  • GonnaFly profile image

    Jeanette 6 years ago from Australia

    Oh my. I've never done this sort of bargain hunting before. Bidding on an ebay item is stressful enough for me!

  • MagpieNest profile image

    MagpieNest 7 years ago

    Great tips. I've used this sort of approach to a London hotel room for £1 and lots of other bargains.

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    anonymous 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge - very helpful bargain-getting tips!

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    Rex AK 7 years ago

    Nice! Really applicable tips!

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    Great tips :)

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    Nice tips.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

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    I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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    raegal75 7 years ago

    Great tips!

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    Good info, you must have much luck to be a successful bargain hunter.