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Use These Simple Techniques To Land The Job

Updated on August 26, 2015

Career Coach

Seeking a career change can be over whelming as you enter into a job market with many potential hopefuls. A career coach can be your best option in helping you prepare for this new task. A career coach can teach you everything you need to know to ace the job interview(s). The career coach can give you pointers on enhancing your public speaking and presentation skills.

Now you feel you are well polished for the interviews you have lined up in the near future. But wait, how are your speech skills? Even though you are an expert in performing the duties the job entails, you come off as an amateur because of your speaking skills.

Improve Your Speech Skills

In today's competitive job force, it is imperative that you have the complete package. What most people do not include, and is often not considered an important factor in job performance, is effective articulation. What is articulation? Articulation is how we say our sounds in words. Often times, we are the product of our environment and how we pronounce words may be how people in our environment say them, this is called dialectal influence. Dialectal influence can have a negative impact on our communication skills. Especially if our career jobs are in the corporate arena and effective communication skills is one of the important aspects of the job.

Code Switching

Code switching is what we should use in our work environment. Code switching is when we speak one way (informal) in our community and around family members, but speak another way (formal) in the work environment and around people we just met. Unfortunately, most people have never heard of code switching and the advantages it has in our lives. It is okay to speak one way in your community and speak "proper" in a formal setting. In an informal setting we can leave off the ending of words or distort sounds in words but in a formal setting we must and should say our sounds in words correctly. Correctly producing our sounds in words helps us maximize our communication performance, in addition, to using grammatical correct sentences and an expanded lexicon.

7 Steps to improve your communication skills:

Listen and imitate commercials on TV

Read the newspaper or paragraphs into a tape recorder

Recite poems into a mirror, watch the movement of your mouth

Practice the correct production of final sounds in words

Practice correct production of vowels and dipthongs (two vowels together, i.e. boy, toe, straight)

Rehearse interview questions with correct production of sounds in words

Practice various intonations

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