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20 Tips to Make Money From Facebook and Twitter

Updated on April 20, 2017

You Can Earn Money from Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Facebook has more than 900 million active users in which the young and youth are the major part. The potential to make money using its popularity is unlimited. As internet is a medium in which the hard working persons can earn easy money if they can supplement some innovation.

The traffic is money on internet. The number of followers has great role in your earnings. The more the followers, the more the chances of getting higher earning. The products and services that you are going to promote and recommend also will have an impact on the earning from it. If you can borne these basic facts in mind and can create good and wide fan base, the sky is the limit for you in making money online.


  1. Sign up and create a good number of followers.

  2. Link Facebook with your blog or website.

  3. Link your YouTube videos with Facebook.

  4. Research the scope and use of Facebook for making money.

  5. Study the techniques employed by successful Facebook account holders or making money.

  6. Plan and experiment with your own ideas.

  7. Promote and recommend products and services throug your posts.

  8. Use affiliate links with posts.

  9. Sell your own products.

  10. Put ad on the visible places.

  11. Post paid reviews of products.

    Post paid reviews of services.

    Post educational reviews of new products.

    Post paid reviews of firms and brands.

    Post Paid promotional articles of celebrities, writers and politicians.

  12. Pay per post.

  13. Develop Facebook applications and sell it.

  14. Get investments through request.

  15. Sell your services through Facebook.

  16. Utilise affiliate networks like click bank , commission junction ets

    Utilise popular affiliate marketing companies like

    Amazon, ebay, Zazzle, Music Blaster, Cafepress, Shopit, e3buy Auction

  17. Play games and make money

  18. Use face book Market Place.

  19. Get sponsorship.

  20. Promote each products with dedicated Facebook accounts for it.


Twitter is an on line social networking service with more than millions users now. It is considered as one of the ten-most-visited websites worldwide.

Twitter can be used for enhancing social relationships and personal growth. It will help to make money, if the person have innovative techniques and interest to learn from masters in this field. The methods adopted by those who made a difference in twitter have to be studied before planning new strategies.

The basic requirement to be successful in the field is create a huge following by a out of box techniques and magnetic interaction which needs a goal oriented preparation. The trail and error method also have to be implemented. The segments of concentration has to be analyzed thoroughly and all available data should be utilized for a better planning.

The strength and weakness of twitter as a tool for making money has to be the area which need a serious study to be successful in the field.

Twitter account can be utilized to make money by promoting products and services. Right attitude and willingness to experiment with the various tools and applications available are the necessary things for achieving it. Patience, and eagerness to learn from successful experts are also needed to earn on line from twitter.


  1. Sign up for a twitter account and create a number of followers.

  2. Integrate twitter account with your blog or website for more interaction.

    Link twitter to your YouTube videos.

  3. Research the scope and use of twitter for making money.

    Learn the use of twitter by the successful masters who are making money from it.

  4. Choose a profitable segment of market.

  5. Promote products and services through tweets.

  6. Recommend products and services.

  7. Use affiliate links in the tweets.

  8. Sell your own products and services.

  9. Tweet paid reviews of products.

    Tweet paid reviews of services.

  10. Tweet educational reviews of new products.

  11. Paid reviews of individuals like celebrities and politicians.

  12. Paid reviews of firms and brands.

  13. Pay per twitter messages.

  14. Charge for accesses to twitter messages.

  15. Traffic sharing with interested parties for payment.

  16. Use twitter profile background as ad space to promote products

  17. Create dedicated twitter accounts for each products.

  18. Web conference (webinar) for promoting products and services.

  19. Use

  20. Recommend affiliate links with tweets

Facebook or Twitter

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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    I would love to read hubs on each one of the points. I think this would provide valuable information.