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Managerial Leadership Traits–Influencing Others Positively

Updated on October 23, 2012

It is through good leadership that any business organization with employees is able to direct them and unite their efforts towards the achievement of goals. If there is no good leadership to influence employees positively, an organization will find it very difficult to achieve its goals. Leaders are supposed to play a vital role in making the organization successful.

Can anyone be a leader? Why is it that some people are chosen to be leaders while others are not? Is this to say that some of us are born to be led by others for the rest of our lives? You will agree with me that leaders are either born or made. In business organizations, managers are supposed to provide good leadership.

Being a leader is not something that is easy. This is because a leader is vested with power or authority which he is supposed to exercise in accordance with the interest of the organization. There are some leaders who exercise their authority wrongly. They put personal interest first thus conflicting with the interest of the organization.

A leader is not supposed to micro manage employees instead he should guide them on how work is supposed to be done efficiently, motivating them and also informing them clearly what the organization expects from them. This brings me to quote Peter F. Drucker, "Leadership is the lifting of man's visions to higher sights, the raising of man's performance to higher standard, the building of man's personality beyond its normal limitations."

Being a leader (a manager) for a newly started company is very challenging. This is because the company is yet to be known and it may not be having departments thus lacking the required qualified managers to provide leadership. For example it may not have the personnel department which makes it difficult to handle aspects related to employees. As such, the owner of that company will find it challenging recruiting employees and building up employee's confidence and enthusiasm towards the attainment of goals. However, if the owner has what it takes to be a good leader, he will win the whole–hearted cooperation of employees.

Each day he motivates employees to do great work voluntarily and enthusiastically in a persuasive way and this is what is expected of any leader to make an organization successful by achieving its goals.

George R. Terry, "The will to do is triggested by leadership and lukewarm desire for achievements are transferred into burning passion for successful accomplishments by the skillful use of leadership. Without leadership, a group disintegrates, destroys its team spirit and fritters away its energy."

The trait that a person possesses makes him to be an effective manager or an ineffective manager. These traits will determine how a person influences others towards the achievement of a goal. Therefore, a manager is supposed to have good personal traits and managerial traits.

Dealing with People

Managers should know how to deal with people. Dealing with many employees who are having diverse opinions is not easy. It requires a manager who knows how to influence people positively so as to cooperate willingly and work as a team towards the attainment of a common goal.

Some business organizations face the problem of dealing with its employees. They experience poor utilization of machines and wastage of raw materials since employees are not motivated and they feel the organization doesn't care about them. This leads to low productivity of the organization. Keith Davis "Motivation is essential to the operation of organizations. No matter how much machinery and equipment an organization has, these things cannot be put to use until they are released and guided by people who have been so motivated."

For employees to increase their performance and even exceed the target level of performance that the organization expects from them there should be a manager who is capable of utilizing the maximum abilities of employees in performing better by influencing their behavior positively. Their behavior is influenced positively through motivation.

If you're a manager and you do not know how to influence your employees in positive ways, you can train yourself to become a good leader. Leaders are either born or made thus if you are not born a leader you can become a leader by taking a course on leadership, reading leadership books or attending leadership seminars.

Five Managerial Leadership Traits

1.) Sound Judgment: The way a manager works with employees will not only help that manager in executing his leadership authority but it will also determine the level of performance of the organization. Subordinates will look at the manager and they will rely on his judgment. Due to this, his judgment needs to be sound and in the best interest of the business organization. Therefore, a manager should be able to provide good leadership by having the ability of looking at issues critically and make sound judgments whenever a need arise.

2.) Ability of Organization: A manager should have the ability of providing good leadership by organizing machines, raw materials, finances and human effort in the most profitable way.

3.) Dealing with People: The ability of dealing with people effectively by winning their cooperation is one trait that a manager should have in order to be a good leader. He should be able to listen to employees and understand the psychological issues affecting them and in their performance so as to help them in overcoming them.

4.) Ability to Make Decisions Promptly: A successful leader is the one who is able to weigh alternatives of solving a problem and thereafter makes a decision quickly by putting the interest of the business organization first.

5.) Technical Knowledge: A leader should be well acquainted with technical activities that are undertaken by the organization. This will enable him to solve to provide advice to employees and also solve problems of the business organizations whenever they occur.


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