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How a wrong candidate selection can causes employee turnover

Updated on August 15, 2014

selection and turnover

The selection is selecting any employee for doing the job with the basis of the ability and quality of the employee from the interviewees. It is a most important part of a business process. An effective selection ensures right peoples injection in an organization for a right job. If the criteria of the job properly match with the criteria of the employee there employee turnover will low. Otherwise turnover will be increasing.

There may be happen a wrong selection in different way. In different way it may happen selection discrimination. Selection discrimination is depents on the people involved in selection process and the external influencing factor. Due to the selection discrimination the an opportunistic employee can reject and a non appropriate employee can be selected who have no quality to operate the job.

Influencing factors on selection process

The factors influencing the selection process is environment of the organization, Nature of the labour market, union requirements, goverment regulation, etc. Environment of the organization effects on selection process significantly. The selection process in public sector and the selection process in private sector is somewhat different due to the structural dissimilarity between the organization. The environment of private sector is not similar to the environment of the public sector. Nature of the labour market also influences on the selection process. How liberal would be organization that depends on the labour market condition. Union also have few requirement that must have to consideration. If any organization chose a random way of selection process that means selecting a sheduled process in view of filling the gap of the terminating or removing any employee. This kinds of selection and recruitment is prohibited and restrict by the union. Government regulation also restrict the selection process in view of different parameter.

An effective selection process can be restrict by a plenty of causes. These causes are called bariers of effective selection process. These bariers are explained below.

Muchinsky refers the factors that influence on effectiveness of selection process as "evaluative standards". These standards thats are usual is fairness, cost, user friendlines, acceptability, validity and reliability and applicability.

Perception- perception is a trait concerned with psychology that means the capacity or ability of a people to perceive or clearly understand others or others messages. In a learning process the teaching is a delevered process of teachers. Perception is the quality of the learners that determines who will understand the complex things easily. Same teachers teaching in same class in same time in a room every student will not understand the facts equally. It will depend on the perception of different student. we all are not think about the surrounding aa same.

In a job interview it is important to build up a such kinds of condition that will ensure the highest level of perception between the interaction of the emploment candidate and the interviewer. Any kinds of absence minded can create a perception related problem. For a perception problem any oppurtunistic and a real candidate may be reject. On the other hand any one may be select who is not able to do the job. Hence, it may lead turnover in future.


Perceptual selectivity- perceptual selectivity is another barrier in effective selection. Perceptual selectivity is a perception problem one or more from all of the audiances. But when this perceptual secletive people make decision or influences to make decision, it may happen wrong or right. In a selection process a good candidate may reject for a perceptual selectivity.

Stereotyping- Stereotyping is a barrier in selection process and it is a common barriers in accurate perception. Just for example, people familiar to write literature is considered as the absent minded. Any student studied from a university, in where have a lots of history of student revolution, considered as political minded. Such kinds of initial catergorisation are also done on the basis of geography, etc. Such kinds of initial perception causes wrong things in selection process. In such kinds of wrong leads to employee turnover in future.

Gender issue is a common selection barriers. If any interviewer if with the minded of giving priority to a specific gender, there have a high chance of selecting this gender. On the other hand the opposite gender is the less chance of being selection in spite of having high skills and knowledges. The genders issues sometimes create opportunity to rejecting of any qualified people. This promotes the wrong selection of candidates. This wrong selection leads future employee turnover.

Halo effect is another barrier of effective selection. It is a psychological terms. In an interview process if any candidate is liked initially for his outstanding performances, then interviewer tends to know more to ensure themselves that what extra benefit can company find from the candidate. If in this case candidate do any wrong in responce he will highedt probability of rejecting. The negative sides of halo effects are also called horns effect.


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