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Google Products : Web-Master Tools HELP

Updated on May 28, 2012
Web-Mastering can be fundamental to Your page success.
Web-Mastering can be fundamental to Your page success. | Source

" Web-Mastering "

In order to have an "popular" web-page, in other words, visited website or blog/hub - You will need a pretty good Web-Mastering.

What is Web-Mastering, and who are web-masters? - Web masters are people who are behind pages that are hosted on different hosts. For example, mine host is while domain is lafamillia.

You have to understand the basics of Internet technology, and the basic terms in Network Administration. Webmasters have usually an very responsible job, maintaining of web-page - not letting in going "down". Errors like "404" (Page not found), or "505" are something that Network System Administrators - often Web-Masters - are dealing with.

Also, they have to analyze, monitor, audit the state of D.N.S server, so page could be loaded as it is build. Multimedia content, textual content, advertisement and good organization of all these things are crucial for good web-mastering. - I'm claiming as an Microsoft Certified System Network Administrator, without a job.

Web design, content... All things that seem minor - can be MAJOR when it comes to attracting traffic on to Your site
Web design, content... All things that seem minor - can be MAJOR when it comes to attracting traffic on to Your site

Control Table

Analyze Your reports in Google Web-Master Tools, they can help You creating Hub that readers want to read!
Analyze Your reports in Google Web-Master Tools, they can help You creating Hub that readers want to read!

Malware Alert !!!

*** IMPORTANT : ****



Google Webmaster Tools

Great way to have complete reports about Your site is product coming from Google ; "Google Webmaster Tools".

What can it offer ?

Key things (tabs) of Google Webmaster Tools (in further text "GWT") are :

  • Control Table

  • Messages

  • Configuration , with detailed tabs

  • Optimization , including "Sitemaps", "Arranging URL addresses", "Key words on content basis"...

  • Labs


In configuration tab, You can setup aim group of Internet users in different countries. For example, if You want and think that Your traffic comes most from Australia, than You can setup the "user aiming" on "Australia" - on that way users from Australia will have an advantage of seeing results, typing keywords per-setup on Your website.

Beside this useful option, there is option of "Desired domain" - where You can create from web address , address like Of course, this feature is not free - and for converting Your to will cost You some money, but it it's a good investment if You want calculate that increasing Your traffic can bring significant improvement in earning from Ads - usually the only way of earning (so called - monetizing site ).


On "stats" page (tab) You can review Your error reports, connection to server reports, users that can't access reports, eventual malicious software reports...etc - on a single page.
- Here, You can find how many, Your site (or domain), have had errors in past ninety days.

What is useful here, is that STATS can be viewed from first to the last assigned site to Your Google profile. So, on the top-right side, You can switch between blogs, sites, or Your profile ; and see the STATS of error ( if any ) when it comes to URL address.

What's interesting is that You can monitor top 500 sites, on Your G.W.T account, with most errors along with CODE of error. Network Admin's usually know the most common error codes, but - if You aren't the one that knows error codes - You can certainly search for them.

Except this option, under this tab and this STAT page , You can find pages like "Statistics of Google-bot activity" , and all reports are kept for ninety days! - Which is great, because of monitoring and closely watching statistics of trend of queries (searches). On this way, You can see what people read the most - and from THAT fact, write more articles maybe on that topic.

On this page, You can see how many pages are viewed daily, trough time-table, then on right side of 2 tables You can see the highest score of page-views - as well as highest amount of received kilobytes, average amount of kilobytes, and the lowest amount of kilobytes downloaded from Your site.

- Good thing, added to webmaster tools of Google is ability to ban certain U.R.L addresses.
- Feature of "Google View" - is how the team of Google experts have examined Your site, and what have they found.
- And, feature with "Malware" - telling You if You have inserted a code with active malware, which will show an "danger window" - to ALL VISITORS, and that has an huge impact of visitors, if You think just about the window: "Danger, this page is potentially dangerous" - You probably have a picture of malware impact.


Control Table n Messages


All these tabs have detailed information about, for instance - on "Control Table" : Possible errors on server like D.N.S errors, connection to the server, and downloading of file Robots.txt.

Also, maybe the most important thing on "Control Table" (dashboard) are reports about inquiries - giving You exact number of inquiries that lead to Your page as well as "impressions" number, and clicks on Your page.

Number of "impressions" is the number of showed Ad's on Your web-site. It is crucial when You use the Ad Sense product of Google.


Here You will get, and collect if You wish, important messages from Google, or important associates of this giant company. For example, if Your website is attracting huge amount of traffic - You'll probably get some pretty good offers from Google for advertisement.


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    • profile image

      .net admin ITAcademy 

      7 years ago

      Wow! VOTE UP, interesting, beautiful - because of "people" language used to explain such a doggy(puzzled) subject, and useful because SEO and WEBMASTERING ARE SOMETHING THAT COME TOGHEDER, and you placed SEO somewhere between the lines with "queries" etc... Anyway - NICE WORK!!!


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