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Top Keyword research tools in Internet

Updated on March 25, 2016

Keyword Research Important Marketing Strategy online

Keyword Research is a very important marketing strategy for online business. If you are planning to start a new business online, it is important to identify the right keywords for your business to stay competitive with your fellow business competitors who are already in the E-Commerce field.

Keyword Research Tools helps you research and get new keywords ideas for your business products. There are quite a few keyword research tools online which helps as a good strategy. Given in this hub are the list of top Keyword Research Tools which can help you identify short and long tail keywords for starting your online business.

Top keyword search tools
Top keyword search tools

#1 What are Keyword Research Tools

A Brief Introduction

Keyword research tools help business organizations to estimate how many searches will be performed for a specific keyword by any individuals through search engines,then identify search trends and get more information on finding best keywords for their business online.

There are several keyword research tools in web. Each of the these Keyword Research Tools have their own advantages. Some provide information related to higher paying keywords while some provide information related to keywords search used from different geographical locations. So it is important to have an idea of using these keyword research tools and then utilizing these tools in the development of business.

Conducting keyword research for any business can be a bit of a challenge if you aren't using the right keyword research tools. For example, when you conduct a search for "top keyword search tools", you will come across a list of handy links and it will be difficult to decide which link to go to get the information about the top keyword search tools. Some of the effective keyword search tools are mentioned in this hub to give you exact information of each tool and how they are used.

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#2 Google Search based keyword research tool

Google's best research tools

Most of the businesses and Internet marketeers use this keyword research tool for their business purposes. This multi-support keyword research tool helps users about keyword information based on different categories and options used in Google. Some of them are listed below

1. Search Queries in Google by people from different regions of world

2. You also have chance to find the top keywords across all categories. One of the best keyword research tools which gives you search results when you start typing in the box.

Google Keywordds
Google Keywordds

#3 Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Useful Tool for businesses

Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas. Select an option below to enter a few descriptive words or phrases, or type in your website's URL. This tool gives you approximate keyword search volume statistics for Google search network and because of Google growing and dominating search network, you really can get pretty precise results.

Word Writing
Word Writing

#4 Word Tracker

Top keyword research tool

Wordtracker helps website owners and search engine marketers identify keywords and phrases that are relevant to their or their client’s business and most likely to be used as queries by search engine visitors.

Use the free keyword research tool from Wordtracker to help your website rank higher in the search engines. This tool can generate up to 100 related keyword phrases and show daily searches.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool from Wordtracker

Recently Wordtracker has removed free research. Now you need to start a free trial if you want to use this tool. So this tool is no more a Free Keyword Research Tool

Top keyword research tools

Keyword Research Tools to get started

Given below are strong keyword research tools that are liked by Inbound marketing experts and major business organizations online. Some of the keywords research tools have a free and some have premium features. Lets know about them

Seo Book
Seo Book

#6 Seo Book

Useful Keyword suggestion tool

This tool is powered by Wordtracker, get comprehensive overview about different search volume statistics for Google, Yahoo!, MSN daily estimonials – export whole list to Excel *.csv file for later research!

SEO Book Keyword suggestion tool

After Wordtracker starting free trial, Keyword suggestion tools are now getting priced a few dollars. So you need to select the best one to start for your online business

Seo Rush
Seo Rush

#7 SEM Rush

SEM Keyword Tool

  • Discover competitors’ sites with common Google keywords;
  • Get list of Google keywords for any site;
  • Get list of AdWords keywords for any site;
  • Check your competitors landing-pages for SE and AdWords traffic;
  • Investigate long-tail keywords for any domain;
  • Get estimated SE and AdWords traffic for any domain;
  • See sites’ spending for AdWords;
  • Get hidden related (and low-cost) keywords to optimize your AdWords campaign;
  • Find potential advertisers for any site;
  • Find potential traffic sellers for your site.


It is one of the best websites that is used by the website owners and startups

Whats your opnion

What according to you is the best keyword research tool

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