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Make Money with no Investment

Updated on October 19, 2010

Ever since the internet came into existence people having been trying to find a way to make money off of it. For the fortunate ones that discovered they could make money off of it early in the internet age, it has transformed their life. Several millionaires that we know today, would not be so if the internet had never existed. There are however still ways anybody can make money online. It takes hard work, long hours, determination and persistence. I have tried several ways myself to make money online, but some have failed. I have come to find out that most people who want to make money online, rarely have much to invest. If you are that person, then this is the information you have been searching for. I have listed the 5 top ways that anyone can make money online with little to no financial risk.

#1 way to make money online - Advertisement Blogging

The simplest way to make money online with no financial risk at all is what you are reading right now. If you are scratching your head right now, I am talking about blogging. On blog sites such as hubpages, you can advertise products for eBay, Amazon, ads for Google and ads for Kontera. How does this work you ask? When you set up a blog, simply write about something you know to attract traffic to your blog. You can add auctions to your blog, say you're writing a review on a certain movie that just debuted on dvd, you can add a few listings from sites like eBay and Amazon. If someone clicks on one of those items and actually purchases it, you will be paid a percentage, sort of like a finders fee. The other way to generate revenue with blogs is to apply Google Adsense ads to your blog. Most blog sites already have it set up where you can integrate Google ads into your blog without any organizing required. The way google ads work is, people or websites pay google to advertise their product or service. Google has a set ratio of times per day they show their ads. Whenever someone clicks on any google ad or kontera ad on your blog page, it generates revenue for you. These advertising sites pay per 1000 click ratios. While it does take a little while to get everything running smoothly, I am proof enough that it works. In just days I have been able to generate money, so I myself know it works.

#2 way to make money online - Auction Websites

The second best way I have found to make money online has got to be via auction websites. Auction websites like eBay and Amazon are very easy to manage. You do need a PayPal address for eBay now a days, but that takes just a few short days to get up and running. Amazon only requires a credit card which can verify that instant. These sites require no previous experience, as they have been up and running for years and have become more user friendly. If you are thinking that you don't have anything you can sell, I will just go ahead and tell you that you are wrong. You can literally sell dirt on eBay. You think I'm joking? People have actually sold dirt on eBay before, from places like Scotland, Loch Ness, beaches around the world and even rubble from 9/11. If you are creative enough you can sell anything. People sometimes bid on products for their ideas. You can make your own how to eBook and sell it. Doesn't cost you anything to do that. The seller fees, while going up since it first started, are still very reasonable. If you are selling DVDs and such, you only have to pay .10 cents to list it. eBay does take a final percentage of the sale for hosting your auction, but it's not more than 10% in any case.

#4 way to make money online - Virtual Stock Contests

Before you start scrolling up and down looking for the third best way to make money, read this first. I put this before 3 because I recommend trying it before you jump into number 3. It isn't the third best way, but it will help you learn how to make money with the 3rd best way. This way can also earn you money though. Sites like updown and wallstreetsurvivor have weekly and monthly competitions for the best performer. These sites will pay for the top 10 virtual investors performance. Signing up and participating is 100% free and easy. Not only is this a great way to make money, but it is addictively fun. The top payout per month from updown alone is $500. So give this a try before you go into number 3. It may not make you as much money as number 3, but it will give you some idea of what the stock market is.

#3 way to make money online - Penny Stocks

If you want to make money with penny stocks then this is a must read for you. Penny stocks may be the most lucrative investment you can make. Making money off of penny stocks can be tricky. Some of the stocks will go up 80% one day then drop 30% the next. You can however get good leads and inside scoops if you do enough research. While penny stocks is 3rd on our list of how to make money online, it does cost you a little to get started. Before you sink your investment money into one stock site, read all of their TOS and rules. Some may offer $0 stock trades, but that offer may only come with 5 trades per month. The reason for them doing this is that say an investor has a lot tied up in one stock and has already used his trades for that month. If he gets an inside scoop or sees that the stock is going down, he will want to trade it, forcing him to upgrade his account. So read everything before making that first deposit. While this does take money to start up, some sites don't require a minimum deposit. Of course to make any legitimate money online with this, you really need at least $100, and that's being generous. Unless you are very lucky or a stock market genius, it will be hard for you to make more than 50% of what you invested in one month. Saying that, you should only expect $50 out of a $100 investment. This does however build up as that $50 adds to your $100 so now you have $150 to invest and potentially gain $75, making your 2 months potential to invest $225. Penny stocks are cheap. Do your research and you could triple your money or even be one of those lucky people who have hit the jackpot and made 2000%.

#5 way to make money online - Youtube

This is another free way to make money online. It is only ranked #5 because it probably takes the most creativity and at least a webcam. Youtube has several partners that share videos on their site. If you have funny or interesting things that happen in your life, then this may be the best tool for you. It hasn't been a big money maker for me, but probably only because I haven't dedicated enough time to it. As your youtube views grow you can earn as being an affiliate, promoting other websites or literally become a partner with youtube.

If you are not a member of Hubpages, go ahead and Sign Up now. It's fast, free and best of all can make you money. If you are having troubles figuring out how to make money off of hubpages visit my how to guide.


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    • saddlerider1 profile image

      saddlerider1 6 years ago

      I like the effort you put into this hub. There are great ways to make money online. It takes persistence, creativity and patience. Bravo for the fine job of outlining in detail how fellow hubbers can increase their earnings. Keep up the good work and keep writing.

    • Webskitzo profile image

      Webskitzo 6 years ago from Kelowna, BC

      Love the info but it would look a lot nicer if there were pictures somewhere in there as well as bolding the numbers of your points. Even creating bolded titles for each pojnt would really make it look sharp!