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Trade Show Display Cases For Business Success

Updated on December 27, 2012

Trade Show Display Cases

Many businesses choose a portable display for exhibits and conventions because they do not have the money to spend on a custom built, one-time display. Taking a business's display on the road takes trade show display cases. They make traveling event-to-event possible, thus promoting your business to your target audience. In a few industries the "Big Annual Convention" is the way to get your business on the mind of prospects- purchasers, decision makers, etc.

Normally, a transporting case for the tradeshow display is an add-on when it is bought. It's an additional sale for the seller. Still, not everybody accepts the display case offer. Consequently, they find themselves seeking aftermarket trade show display cases or a generic fit for their display. Other reasons you could be in a market for a display case is when transportation damages the original case. You could also need more room in a single case to carry more. Whatever the reason you are looking at a new shell, bear in mind these thoughts.

Trade show display cases have numerous makes, materials, and bodies. They are manufactured in as uncomplicated a manner as a fabric bag all the way to a multifactor trunk that turns into exhibit booth furniture. Thus, the foremost thought to bear in mind is how the display will be shipped. If the bulk of the trips are local a simple fabric bag should be adequate. Perhaps the display will be shipped via commercial shipping, then hardened, ruggedized trade show display cases are needed. Cases designed and built to standup to anything that luggage handlers or shipping companies can dish out. These cases will come with straps and lockdown points to keep its contents secure. Also, they usually have a place to attach a lock to keep the contents away from pilferage and unwanted eyes.

Another thought is the number of staff that travels along for conferences, conventions, or trade shows. Should the exhibit booth be a single man effort, it only makes sense that a single case be able to hold the entire display. If multiple staff members travel for exhibits, multiple cases may be used to ship the display. Try to keep it to one case per person. Also, consider that the trade show display cases ought to match the transportation taking the display to the event. Commercial shipping companies like UPS and FedEx have weight and size limits. A single business owner in a compact car (or even midsize) could have hassles taking a large, flat, table top display case in and out of the car.

Most trade show display cases are only designed for a particular style of exhibit. That is a folding, tabletop display will only fit a folding, tabletop display or a freestanding, pop-up case will only allow a pop-up display to fit. However, within those confines there are options, like a carrying case can have wheels that makes it more maneuverable. Or a case could also transform into exhibit furniture like a podium or table.

Your Trade Show Thoughts

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    • xriotdotbiz profile image

      xriotdotbiz 8 years ago

      As a fan I would say traditional, though I do not have much experience with digital displays.

    • profile image

      Kayla Moosik 8 years ago

      Are you a fan of digital displays or the traditional displays only?