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Choose The Right Trade Show Product

Updated on December 27, 2012

Anyone who has been to a conference and the subsequent trade show knows just how much stuff one collects. Getting it all back to the hotel room and then when it is time to fly home, guess what gets cut? Brochures, catalogs, and cut sheets. In other words paper. What does get packed? What is worth taking home? Schwag. Those fun trade show products they picked up and know will be useful when they arrive home.

The advantage to a trade show product is that it has the business name that will stay in front of the client or prospect much longer than any piece of paper. The trade show product is a constant reminder of the business.

There are over 750,000 different promotional products but what makes a good trade show product is one that is inexpensive enough to hand out to the masses. Also, weight should be considered as one does have transport them to the event. That does help narrow the product choices.

Once a trade show product has been chosen, then the objective is to get it into every hand or bag that comes by. Now, if one has a more unique or complex business, an attempt should be made to convey the purpose of the business. Then tie that explanation to the name, so the product is a reminder of the business.


Tried and true, promotional pens have been a trade show product staple for years. There is a good reason for it. Promotional pens have an average of eight owners in its lifetime. This means a factor of eight expands your effort at the trade show. The pen is such a utility in daily life. It has the possibility of being branded with a logo and/or text. Text can convey a unique message pointing people to a phone number or web site. They also have the possibility to be individualized for a salesperson. That means instead of pointing to a generic toll free number or website, the pen can be individualized to a persons email or cell number. For sales people that means more in commissions.


As one spends dollars on a promo calendar they are placing twelve months of advertising on that product. They are a regular dosage of one's business logo in front of all who enter the room. Quality promotion for 365 days. While thinking of trade show products one requires an item that is going to be utilized and will be valued. Promo calendars fulfill all that.

One recognizes that as one pass on to somebody a promo calendar that it will be used all year. The recipient will utilize it since it's convenient and necessary. Individuals require calendars to recall appointments, birthdays, and additional crucial information. Calendars also come in several varied sizes too. Pocket-sized for active portability and gracious wall calendars for home or office use.

Tote Bags

Trade show tote bags are a trade show favorite for a reason.  People at trade shows will be getting copious amounts of marketing stuffs. Hence, the most desired trade show product at these events would be bags. The rationality is bags provide attendees a convenient way to carry all the pamphlets, handbills, promotional products, and other items acquired at the show.  And because all other promotional products will be put in the bag, one's emblem will certainly stick out.  Trade shows being crowded and plenty of materials being doled out at the event; it is difficult to achieve one's desired exposure. But logo bags provide a large print area outside exposed to a target market.  Plus, the reality is the bag will be carried all over by the event attendees.  This makes a tote bag a perfect roving billboard at conferences.

Another rationality that makes bags a good choice is the flourishing movement for ecological awareness.  Bags are completely reusable, many times over. Folks could always use more tote bags for grocery store shopping, traveling, or work. This means after the shows the logo bag will continue to not only be in front of your audience but will be seen by many others.  They will give a great deal of exposure at the event and after because of the utility of the bag and the accompanying imprinted logo.


Koozies are typically constructed of a foam like substance or neoprene. But there are other materials used also. Koozies can be used to keep beer, pop, cold.  It can keep coffee hot. They come in assorted sizes and colors. Uniquely, good Koozies can maintain the container temperature for longer than forty minutes. Amazing. This remains the main reason for the Koozie's popularity, beverage temperature maintenance.

Koozies are also utilized for the marketing also. They are really inexpensive and make great trade show products. Logos can be printed on both sides and the bottom, giving plenty of space for any message.

Your Trade Show Product Thoughts

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    • profile image

      Lisa perce 3 years ago

      I go with tote bag...great article :)

    • profile image

      Kayla Moosik 7 years ago

      So koozies are the new hit huh?