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Updated on April 2, 2011
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Training Heights
Training Heights
Training Heights

Effective Training

There was a time when training was just about trasfering of the knowledge.For this tranfer of knowlege different theories were applied, Now training is emerging into new trends that are coming to a resultant end.

No matter what is the training stream, i will proviide you some tips for productive and effective training skills.

Principal of Learning and Training.

it will clearly tell about

P K M T R R approach that training is a mathematical function rather than being artistic.

P stands for Prework that includes trainers prework related to his audience and the content that he/she is going to deliver in his session.
In the same context he must be aware about WIIFM about the session.

Here WIIFM is very important part "what is in for me". Evey participant should identify purpose of attending the training hall rather discovering by himself .

K = stands for knowledge, Subjective knowledge of the session.

M = Motivation related to session how a trainer motivate the participant that he can feel good and have an easy acceptance of the training session.

T = Transfer of knowledge, it is mandatory that a trainer must transfer his knowlege to the participant apart from providing an impressive session

R= Retention of Knowledge, Trainer must cross question the participants to ensure that the knowledge has been totally tranfered to the paticipants.

R= Reinforcement and Elimination of such activities that may lead the session to other undiserable direction ; After training trainer must keep all the things in record and keep a check for the productive results for further training needs.

Sometimes participants take the session in wrong direction, By using above methods trainer can eliminate the undisirable activities.

Trainer must analyse and identify what are the figure value of training.

This is only an overview of the PLT (Principal of Learning And Training) approach of Training.There are lying many more concepts in every single step.

I will be sharing some more tips and tricks about training in my later session.

Ashish goswami


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