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Turbotax Deluxe - Easiest Way To File Your Taxes

Updated on June 22, 2016

Turbotax Deluxe - Should You Use It?

If you can't afford an accountant, don't have time to file the taxes or just confused by or anxious of the tax preparation process, I highly suggest you use Turbotax Deluxe before the tax deadline arrives.

In a hurry? Learn more about how Turbotax can help you here.

What I really like about Turbotax Deluxe is that it allows you to compute your taxes by just filling in blanks and clicking the prompts up until you finally compute the tax. Nothing can be simpler than that.

Turbotax also has great tech support if you get into a snag with filing your taxes.

Let's check out the out the other Turbotax software that might interest you.

Turbotax Premier

TurboTax Premier Federal + E-File + State 2012 [Old Version]
TurboTax Premier Federal + E-File + State 2012 [Old Version]

This Turbotax software does what the deluxe version does and it also helps with investment sales and home refinancing. This would be a something I could use when I finally do some investing.


Turbotax - How It Works - Watch This Video To Know How Turbotax Works

Turbotax - Getting Your Refund - Watch This Video To Learn How Turbotax Can Maximize Your Refund

Why I Love Turbotax

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Got Any Comments About Turbotax? - I would really like to hear from you.

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    • Mellithorpe profile image

      Mellithorpe 5 years ago

      I used Turbotax for the last few years. Not sure why I didn't this time. I had no problems in the past.