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Abnormal employee turnover in sales department

Updated on July 21, 2014


Sales is becoming a major parts in a business. Now a days it is becoming more important. Sometimes it is considered as important more than production. For a smooth contunity it is important for an organization a strong sales department. Because to continue organization and its business process the driving fuel is revenue. This revenue is gained by the sales.

But it is becoming an alarming situation, that is an abnormal types of employee turnover are found in sales department. Specially the turnover rate is very high in field level sales executives.

In most of the sales organization abnormal turnover rate is becoming a burden. Human Resources department are trying to minimise the problem. They are involved in ongoing recruitment and selection process to fill the vacant but vacant is also becoming an as usual process.

Not only that it is also involving to create social problem. A major portion of young people are getting depression in such kinds of abnormal situation. They are spoiling their valuable time in taking a job, resigning and terminating from job, searching for a new job, etc.

Now it have become a major issue to identify the major causes of abnormal employee turnover.

Selected respondent for gaining information about abnormal turnover in sales

The responded of the study about abnormal turnover in sales was the field level sales executives, Human resources professionals.

Respondents are selected from different location from country.

Process of servey to investigate the causes

The survey is conducted from different location in bangladesh physically from the different organizations sales executives. Besides of face to face direct interview telecommunication is also used.

Not only the field level sales executives are taken interview.

Methods of study

A randomized study have been conducted in different locations servey. No seniority or juniority is considered. Even the reputation of the organizations are considered.

Respondent are randomly selected. In questionary process and gainig the answer respondent are given independency to explain the causes of abmormal employee turnover in sales.

Abnormal employee turnover means

Abnormal employee turnover is such kinds of employee turnover that is involve in an unexpected leave of employee from the organization before their normal leave. Termination, redundancies and even resignation may termed as abnormal employee turnover. Simply to say any turnover that is not acceptable for one one of the side employer or employee is called abnormal employee turnover.

Resignation, Termination, Redundancies

Resignation is leaving the organization by employee with his own accord.

Termination is removing an employee by employer.

Redundancy is

Demographic study on the basis of few factors influencing employee turnover

IIn a deA demographic study have been coducted on the bassis of few factors that influences employee turnover.

These factors are

1. Salary structure

2. Dictator leadership of line management

3. Lackings of implementation of employee law

4. Flexibility

Salary vs employee turnover

With the increasing of salary structure reduces the employee turnover. With increasing of rate of offering poor salary structure increases the turnover rate.

Exactly salary plays a key role in motivating employee. Salary and employee turnover are inversely interrelated.

But this can not count as the major facts that is becoming a organizational and social problem. Because to cope with the situation organization is bound to increase salary structure.

On the other hand employee who have highest mobility he will search better salary. It is an as usual process.

Dictator leadership and turnover

No one wants dictatorship. Every one wants peace in job. Humen are naturally habitual to being independences. When dictatorship increased in any organizations employee turnover increases. In that case it is a very interesting matter is that in what process employee turnover happend, sometimes it can not identified.

Highest level of decentralized sales management

Highest level of decentralized sales management is high degree of responsible for highest level of employee turnover.

I have found an alarming sound in sales job which is an organizational crime, that is "Boss is always right". But this sound is becoming a natural word in sales job. But it should be to say the rules is always right.

It is a sound of dictatorship and organizational crime.

Deviation of rules is another causes of employee turnover

In sales job there found high level of deviation of rules step by step. Organizations given rules and strategy are somewhat changes by top people of the sales department. This strategy isonly remains in orally. His strategy is also deviated in different region by regional sales manager. His strategy is also deviated in different territory. Once the bottom level of employee does not find any relation with original rules and fields happening. He ultimately demotivate about the system. Flow of deviated rules is highest level of responsible for highest level of turnover.

Lackings of trustworthiness

Maximum respondent blame to their responsible immediate supiriors in terms of trustworthiness. Because of that one area manager is responsible to monitor different territory. When he is in one territory in physically monitoring, rest of the territory are monitored through mobile contact with responsible sales executive. He things that may one or two of the employee does not working enough. This lackings of trustworthiness increases the complexity in employee relation. That leads a demotivation of the employee.

No working hour are set clearly in field

In sales job there found a lot of problem in working hour. Though few organizations set a working hour for the employee but line management forcefully engaged sales executive maximum time in field. That causes due to customers have different time framework of work. When one customer leave his working place then other customer start his working. Line management tends to involve an executive as more as possible. Their theme is that if it be possible to spend maximum of time in front of customer it will be possible more sales.

Maximum of the respondent blame that it is trying to snatch all day from them. It creates stress on employee that leads to complexity and ultimately employee turnover.

Lackings of the knowledges of employee rules

Most of the employee are found that they are not giving any knowledges about that they have some rights from the organizations that have been given by country law. They are only giving knowledge how to sale? But not giving them about the knowledge about their right. How maximum time they should spend in work.

A disguised resignation

Very interesting subject have been found in sales job and I termed this as "Disguised resignation". This is a one kinds of resignation that employee does not commit to do but line management make bound to do. That crimes are done by a silent threatening of termination.A large number of employee are found to commit such kinds of resignation for what they were not prepared instead of any bargaining to avoid an illegal termination. Because they think it may be very hard to them to gain a new job if they terminate from one job.

Another techniques are found that is given employee an abnormal level of workload if they willingly leave the job.

Irrelevant workstyle

A lot of respondent blame about irrelevant working style. That is tends to involving employee to such kinds of work that is out of their responsibility. Just for example, if employees responsibility was product promotingbut if he bound to order and sales revenue collecting that make highly dissatisfaction in job.

Key findings

Key findings is that for the lackings of employee rules implementation in organizations culture is the main causes of abnormal employee turnover in sales job.

For a good stability and to reduce the uncertainty it should strictly maintain the government law.


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