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Inactive HR department is responsible for high turnover in sales department

Updated on August 13, 2014

Though the responsibility of HR department is to provide legal support to the employee in order to protect employee from an illegal termination. But yet most of the organization are found that they have a well structured HR department, but they are silence in terms of protecting employee from illegal termination. The silence nature of HR department is found in terms of turnover of the sales executives. Here any reports from line management against any employee is blindly consider as correct if it be wrong or correct. No negotiation are found to held to protect the termination of the employee. What is the causes of that? First causes is that there have a long distance between bottom level of sales people and HR department. Another things is that sales department is highly decentralized. The concept of chain of command and chain of information flow and the chain of communication in sales department increases the distance between the bottom level of employee and the top management. In most of the organization the HR department act as a rule of an employer oriented department. When any legal parts of any organization will psychologically to favour any of the parts how there will happen implementation of the law. HR peoples are also recruited by the employer and they enjoy the salary offered by the employer. So how they can work independently. Moreover, they have an agressive attitude to punish any of the bottom line employee. Most of the HR peoples are not effectively skilled and educated in terms of human resourses. They are only involved in structuring of salary, reward, promotion

Why psychologically HR department is somewhat weak from sales department. In every selling organization the sales department is a big department than any other departments. This department is consists of a large number of employees. Where there have more peoples involvement there have a power. The organization with more peoples involvement provides power in organizational politics. Hence, the top people of the sales department pocess a charismatic power in an organization. Hence, if any dicission send from the sales department about any bottom line employee, human resource keep silence with blindly. Hence, the termination is high rate. Not only that, but also it have a long impact. When the other employees can know about the silence nature of HR department, they suffers inan insecurence of there job. That leads to poor performances. The employee dissatisfied if he found any kinds of probability of injustice in an organization. Where no justice is present, peoples tends to leaves the places.


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