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Employee union or labour union and its impact on job

Updated on August 13, 2014

Union saves the member from victim

In a channel that broadcast the lifestyle of the wild animals, there i found an interesting lesson of becoming organized or united. In an english language movie I wondered to see how a monkey is teaching other monkey to be organized. Monkey was teaching other monkeys by allocating a bunch of sticks to break. It was very hard to break a bunch of sticks but it was very easier to break only a single stick. Anyone may see how a group of zebra can protect themselves from hunter tiger.This theory is true in all over the world in all situation. Another relation is found between the wildlife animals and the human beings in terms of organizing. In forest or in jungle carnivorour are found to be spending life in a group. Another farociuos animals are found to in organized to hunt effectively. How primative peoples are organized to hunt and to save themselves from farocious wild animals. Primative peoples learned becoming organized in order to hunt other animals and save themselves to becoming victim. Weaker animals are found to becoming organized, because they have to protect themselves from other animals. Stronger animals are comparingly less organised. In human life weaker peoples are sometimes found in organizing. Because they have to survive. Without organizing they will failed to survive. Whatever, a strong organization is important in real life even in any organization or in other perspective.

The people who can not get organized he will be victim by others. If the villagers can not be organized than rovery group will easily do there rovery. In a job employee shoud be establish an employee union or labour union. Where labour union is strong there employee turnover is low. Union can protect illegal termination of the employee. In garments industry the labour organization is becoming a strong organization day by day. Hence the illegal termination is also decreasing day by day in garments industry. Government and international organization have a close supervision in this sector to protect the labour rights. But in most of the organization there have no any employee union. Hence the employees have no power to say there rights about. In these sector of job they suffers from injustice. They do not find any proper judgement. Because they have no union that can provide them any legal support.

There have no strong union of sales executives

In sales job in any organization there have no any strong union. Hence the sales executives job becoming an unsecured job. On the basis of job stability the sales job is in the lowest ranking. There job is becoming in such a style that if employer choose any employee then he is in job and when employer or management dislike someone then he have to leave the job. No union are exist to negotiate to protect the job. Human resourses department in most case does not take a corrective action in protecting the employee from illegal termination. If there have no organization of the employee, how they will protect themselve from illegal turnover?


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