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Employee turnover due to silence nature of Human Resourse

Updated on August 12, 2014

Human resources department and its functions

Human resources department in an organization is to manage the peoples. It is the department of peoples management who is employed in the organization. So it is called the personnel management. In new emerging business context peoples are taken in first line. Importancy of a skilled people is more important than the other things in an organization. Any product of a company can be duplicate with full of the feature and benefits of the product. But it is not possible to duplicate the peoples and peoples skills and knowledges. Hence, peoples is considered as a unique resources of any organization. A skilled people can do anything. The landship in moon is now became realised due to activeness of few peoples. The modern technology, cimputer, internet, communication what you see everything is the implementation of human knowledge and skills. So to success in any things first the things is that trying to implementation of the peoples knowledge and skills. For this reason there needs an unique independent department for managing people and developing the people to achieve the highest possible output. This is the human resourse department.

Parts of the human resource department

Human resource department is devided into different parts on the basis of their functionality. Basically on the functions of department it may devide into three parts. Ome part is to manage and administration purposes, other is employee development and another part involve in employees rights. Each of the parts are concerned with each functions.

Functions of human resourses department

Human resourse departments basic function is identifying the peoples need of the organizations. What kinds of people is required for the organization and what would be there quality. Estimating the number if the employee for the ongoing business process. Then taking a corrective action for recruitment. When recruitment have been happened than the action of the human resourse is development of the employee. In this case a unique training department is required to establishment. Training department plays an important role in any organization. The first mitivation comes to the employee from training department. Most of the respondent expressed there love for the training department. For basic two causes the employees are highly satisfied for the training department. One of the causes is that

Another function of human resourses department is to setup the total remuneration of the employee. Setting the salary, incentives, gratuity, provident fund, promotion etc is the reward function of the employee. With the effective steps of human resources the employee motivates effectively. Above functions of the organization is concerned with the motivational parts of the human resourse. Motivation is the activity that can highly satisfy the employee in the job. This high satisfaction with the job can lead high performance of the employee. For an effective motivational activity human resources departments have to do the function of performance management. Besides of the identification of the motivational factors in a job, human resourses department also have to involve in identification of demotivational factors. Human resourses departments most important task is identification of the causes of dissatisfaction of the job. Identification of the causes of dissatisfaction, human resource department search an easier way to reduce these factors from the organization. Because any kinds of dissatisfaction in job can lead the poor performance of the employee.

Dispute management is the another function of human resourse department. For any kinds of causes labour disputes may causes. Labour may call a strike, they can stop the working, they can involve in confliction. These disputes in an organization must have to controll effectively and technically. It is a complex function of human resourse department. Because sometimes these disputes become very complex in managing. Such kinds of disputes are found in garments factories. In managing such kinds of disputes human resourse department acts as the midle sides between employer and employee. They negotiate about the complexity between the labour society and employer. They tries to minimise the complexity between employee and employer by a course of negotiating process. Not in such things they acts as the representative of the employee and the representative of the employer both.

Another important function of human resourse is maintaining the legall terms in the organisation. Protecting employee from loosing of their job illegal way is very important function of human resourses. This is the responsibility of the human resourses that if no employee lose their job illegally. To support any employee legally, taking any corrective action against illegal termination, identifying the cause of employee turnover is the bunch of tasks of human resourses.


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