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Why sales executives are can not be organized, there have no strong union of direct sales executives

Updated on August 18, 2014

Employers view about union

Union is an organ build by the employee of same type or different types. Employee union is the mosts important organization for employee that negotiates for ensuring the employee rights in the job. Unions are involved in creating pressure on the management and administration to achieve the rights of the employee or labour. Sometimes the union also negotiate with the state government to ensuring the rights of the employee in their job. They sometimes creates diplomatic pressure to establish any rules and regulation in terms of labour right and employee right.

Employer groups do not like any employee union. In most of the case they restrict employees to be the member of any employee union. They wants to weakening the activity of the employee union. There view in terms of employee union due to the activity of the employee union most of the case creates pressure on them. Employers want to operate there business with free of style. But few employers likes unions. Without existancy of any union employer can do anything easily with there free of mind. Silently they can do crime. But employee union is responsible to protect any kinds of crime against any employee. They creates presure on management for realistic salary, they creates pressure on management against any illegal termination, etc. For that causes employer tries to reorganized the employees. Most of the case they found success.

employees view about union

Employees are very fan with employees union. Thry wats to be organized within a union. Because they knows that employee union can highly ensure there rights in job. Employees union helps government to ensure peoples rights. But yet there found, in few types of job employees can not be organized. In such kinds of job no strong employee union are exists to ensure the employee rights. The most common example of such kknds of job is sales job. There have a plenty of causes why sales executives are not getting organized in a union.

First step of employer to deorganized the sales executives

The first step of deorganizing the employee is snatching the valuable times from them in there job. It means management tends to employ the most of the time of them in the job in various techniques. In a medical Representatives job Representatives do not found any leisure to spends there time with friends or others. The sales target is the another causes of deorganizing the employee. For the pressure of sales target the employees are willingly stay in field with the tension of achieving the sales target.

There have a common sentence that out of sight and out of mind. Just think about the class mates in student life. How a student was organized in student life with there class mates. After completing the graduation course all of the friends jump into labour market to searching the job. After a few days most of them get job. After a certain period of time the communication with the colleges life friends become shurnk. A strongly organized group become deorganized due to geographical distance from each other. This theory of disorganization is true for all aspects and in all sotuation. When few people lives under a same room in a certain period of time they become organized and feels intimacy to each others. This things is true for a family. In a family if any person lives a huge time distance from the family, he will feel less love with the family than the person who spends whole of life with the family. This true things is real for any organization. The factory labours are the more organized than the corporate peoples. The most common example of a strongly organized labour group is garments industrial labours. In a garmebts industry in a short place a lot of labours are worked. They have opportunity to share the view with each others. They have an opportunity to build up friendship with each others. They have also an opportunity to build up a labour union.

On the other hand the employees involved in direct sales, can not organized and can not build a strong union. A few number of the employees are spread over all of the city or country. One or two peoples are responsible for a specific territory. Hence there have a long gap in social communication. Though the telecommunication and social media are now reducing the problem, but yet the problem is not possible completely reduce. For the distance between the employees deorganized the employees.

A psychological factor that disorganized th sales executives

There have a psychological factor that is responsible for the deorganization of the sales executives. That is a lesson that have been teaches them. This is Competitor conception. Sales executives are strongly believed that another sales executive of his company or in other company is compititor of him. The compititors conception is strongly occupies in the mind of a sales executives. When any one believe strongly the employees surrounding himself


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