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A syndicate of fraudulent recruitment and a recruitment business, its impact on social complexity

Updated on August 12, 2014

Fraudulant recruitment

There found a lots of evidence of fraudulent recruitment. In a random movement in capital city of the country there found a lot of advertisement for recruitment. These recruiting advertisements was hanged over different locations of the city area. These are the lucrative banners. The first headlines was the banners are with mentioning "An emergency recruitment". Most of the advertising they does not mentioned the name and address of the organization. Instead of mentioning the name of the organization they only mentioned that "A well reported company". They includes that a well reported company is looking for few dedicated and challenging people for recruitment for the following post with mentioning high salary. But the educational qualification and experiences for the job was so little. Such kinds of advertisement is also found in different print media and online media. A rapid study have been done on this doubtful matter. Few tv channels also broadcast about this alarming activities. In this situation the young people with lower knowledge and little education is vulnerable of losing their valuable time and money. Most of the people does not understand easily about of there views. They do not recruit any smart people. I made an interview only for investigation about the facts. Interviewers first question is "where from have you come?" With this question they try to know is he from village area or city area? If they find an answer that interviewee from village area they instantly make a decision that it will be easier to fraud with him than the people with city area originated. They try to uncover is he is poor? If he be enough poor and most of the family members are somewhat depends on him, he will be exited after hairing that he is qualified for the job and after maintainig of some procedures he is going to join in a new job. The sundicate of fraudulent recruitment take as a golden oppurtunity of the over exitement of the interviewee. When they sure about that they will able to enjoy or gain something they introduce few next procedure. These next procedure is the second steps of fraudulent.

How the syndicates makes financial benefits

Now look at the inner facts that can able to uncover the process of the fraudulent syndicate of recruitment how they gain money from innocent new interviewee. Next procedure of them is a training period. Okey, that is good. Training is a parts and parcels of the job. Trainings develops the skills and knowledges. But that is the problem that they takes a big fees for the training. Who needs the job they enroll in the training session. What happened after completing the training session? There have an another training. It was there theoretical training. Now they have to do practical training or field training. Who have enough needs for job, they enroll in practical training. But till now they are without salary. The practical training is just like a job. The trainee have to do the valuable tasks of the company each day just like a full time employee. But only difference from the full time employee is that they are not enjoying salary. Even they are without salary. After completing the few months a messages comes from the company that they are not satisfied with the jobof the trainee. That is the trainee does not pass in training. No recruitment is happend but the trainee have lossen the valueable time and money.

How this kinds of fraudulent make complexity in society

Such kinds of fraudulent acrivity have a long term social impact. This impact shows aversely in society. The young generation of the society make a wrong concept about the total social perspictive. The trust and faith with the peoplesreduces for such kinds of fraudulent activity. The reduces trustworthiness increases the social complexity. That kinds of fraudulent make anxiety in young generation. The youths are the most valueable assets in a country. But such kinds of game with young generation leads them to do such kinds of thinvs because someone have fraud with him and he is the victim of the corrupted society. What it may be defined? In this case no recruitment is happened. Is it can not be defined as turnover.


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