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Stability and mobility of employee in job and its relation with employee turnover

Updated on August 12, 2014

Stability of employee decreases the probability of the higher rate of employee turnover

Stability and mobility in human resources is the two term that meanings the opposite characteristics of a employee. The two term is just like the two opposite side of a coin. This two factor of any employee is tightly related with the employee turnover. The two factors action on employee turnover is in opposite direction. This means that if one factor increase the employee turnover then other are decrease the employee turnover. The stability of a employee decreases the employee turnover. Onthe other hand mobility of a employee increases the employee turnover. The two factor stability and mobility is inversely related. With the decreasing of mobility the stability of employee increases. With the increasinv of the stability of a employee the mobility also decreases. Different organization takes a corrective action to reduces the mobility of a employee. Stability and mobility depends on variety of types of factors. It depends not only on the characteristics of the employee but also it depends on the quality and characteristics of the organization in which the employee is engaged in job. Just think about that any employee in a job have a higher education and skills and he have a tendency switch the job, there have a lots of competitors waiting for hairing such kinds of knowledges and skilled employee. Moreover the existing salary of the employee is not an attractive structure. In such situation the mobility of the employee is very high and the stability of the employee is oppositely very low.

Theory of physics in human resourse in terms of stability and mobility of a employee

Though, Human Resourse department tries to reduces the mobility of any employee and to increase the stability of the employee, but there found a similarity with the theoretical physics in terms of stability. According to the theory of theoretical physics nothing in our universe is stationary. Everything in universe have moving nature. We know about the scientist Hubbles experiments with ink spread on a ballon. When he filled the ballon by air and ballon get expanded. With the expansion of ballon the molecules of ink are get distance. This experiments gives a conception about all of the things in universe is that everything in our universe is getting distance from each other due to there movinv nature. But some driven force restrict the moving and seems that matters and particles are stationary. If this theory is try to make a relationship with stability and mobility of the employee in human resourse, there will found every employee is mobile nature. They are tryinv to leave the job. They are searching a good job that is better from the existing.

pross and cons of mobility and stability

Both of the two term have good and bad impactin an oorganization. Mobility and stability which is beneficial for the company that depends on the environmental factor and the others different situation. A highest mobile employee have a high risk of turnover. It is a bad news for organization. But he is a knowledgeable people. In this case it is a good news for organization. To continueing the ongoing business there needs knowledgeable employee to introducing new techniques and creative and innovative conception. A good and well knowledges people can change the structure of the total environment. In this view people with highest mobility may be the valueable resources in future in an organization. For the impact of a good employee the total team may become good and smart. On the other hand the people with highest stability can ensure the long term contuinity of the job with in the organization. This long term ensure of job contuinity ensures the stable and extra concentration free working. In most of the case it is found that low knowledge and little education oeople is more stable. But in such kinds of stability what will be the benefit of the organization. They are not able to introducing new creativity in job. If no creativity introduce within an organization there will be a backward movement of the organization in the competitive market. Another harmful effect of low knowledged employee when he fet a promotion with seniority. How he will manage his subordinate. When any superior does not manage properly his subordinate there create a problem in job. Little educated employee are all time pocessed nerrow sprectram of his mind. He fairs about that is company is recruiting any employee who is more intelligent than he? Is his job is under the thread due to his lacking of knowledges.

description about increassing and decreasing of stability

With increasing the education level and knowledges the mobility of an employee increases. Mobility is the capacity of an employee to move or to manage a new job or a tendency to switch in a new or more better job. If an employee is found Bachelor's of science in chemistry and masters in science in chemistry. Not only that he also have an MBA degree. He have higher mobility. He can do job in any laboratory, he can operate job in managements any of the department. He have a increased job market. If he also have a post graduate Diploma in Computer science his job market will increase more. Hence his mobility will also increase. He can do job in any computer firm or any IT related job or work. If he familiar with internet he can earn by eCommerce or freelancing. But if he would only with a bachelors degree his job market was narrow. Hence there was low probability of getting more better job than present job. In this case he is higher stability.

What is important?

Whatever, what is best that will determined by the situation. But in a common view it is clearly to say that for becoming well reported in the competitor market there need knowledges and innovative employee. Inovative employee can introduce new conception for organization that can help organization for rapid advancement toward development.


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