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Motivation and its impacts on employee turnover

Updated on August 16, 2014

what means motivation?

Motivation is a driving force of an employee that determines the effectiveness of a employee in his job. How efficiency will employee show inthe job that is exclusively depends on how degree of mmotivation have been given to the employee. It is possible to achieve highest quality of work by the employee if he can be effectively motivate. That is true for all. Even if the employee is low skilled and little of the knowledges about the tasks, he can show an outstanding performance. Where no motivation is present there performance will be very low quality. It is true for an effective and efficient worker with high knowledges, skills and experiences to perform a low quality of work if there exists a low quality of motivation. Job of the employee may be tutned into just like a hale without motivation. It is a psychological factor that creates in the human mind about his job or tasks that ensures him that the job is enjoyable and it have a good future and career for the people who is engaged with this tasks.the examples of the motivation is availabe our surrounding. If any one engaged in such kinds of work that is so difficult to do and no such kinds of easy tasks to do. Employee may be demotivated for a certain causes about the job. Than if the line management or other people can explore few of the opportunity of the job that there have an oppurtunity of career development, there have a chance of increasing the salary, few examples and success stories of few success people who have been success in life by such kinds of hard working, the employeewill be highly motivate with the job.

The motivational process

There have a different process of motivation. Usually different department spwcially human resources department is engaged in motivation. The motivation of the the line management is highly effective in motivating any employee. The motivation of the employee is depends on different factors. Different factors can motivate any employee in different degree in the work place. These motivational factor is salary, incentives, flexibility, career development, well reputation of the job he done and the reputation of the organization, skills and knowledges, behaviour of the line managers, training and development program, ethical nature of the job tasks, geographical location of the work place.

salary as a motivation factor

Money is the most powerfull motuvational factor. To satisfying the basic needs of human being money is the key driven factor. To satisfy the needs of food, shelter, and education, cloths money is a undoubtful necessary things. Hence, if any job can privide a sound amount of money that can highly movate to the employee to do the work. Hence, a high structured salary motivate employee highly. The turnover of employee is happened if company offers a low grade salary. Though, in now uncertain condition of labour market few employees are found to getting the job only for commit a resignation after a few days of completing the job. During his job he search silently a new job which is better salary than the existing salary. Hence, to motivate effectively it is important to set a smart salary structure.


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