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Labour market and its structure

Updated on August 18, 2014

what is labour market?

In a common view of poin just think about the market from where we purchase our goods for daily use. A shoping mall from where we purchase our cloths, mobile phone, electronics, etc. In a local market we purchase rice, fish, meats for our surviving need. In marketing context the definition of the market is very complex. There exists two group. One is buyer and another is seller. Who will called the shopping mall as a market. Is it true for a customer to called shoping mall as a market. Or it is market for the people who is waiting for the customer to sell the product that they have been allocated in the shopping mall. In common view it may seems that the plase or spheres where producer presents to sell the product to the customer and the customer is also presents to purchase the product. It is a platform of selling and buying. But in a scientific view marketing is the activity of few people to sell the product. If we make a similarity the definition of marketing with the sphere of market, then it is to say that market isa place or spheres or a platform to sell the product to the customer.

Labour market

Labour market is the spheres where labours are presents here with there skills, knowledges and experiences to sell to the employer who needs the skilled people to involve them into their business. How every market forms depends on the customer as sames as the labour market is also forms depends on customer. From the primative times the market established on the basis of peoples. The places where the peoples had a crowding situation market was established there. The history of creating market are found in besides of river. The primative civilizations builds besides by the river. For example, Greek civilization, Roman civilization.

In labour market labours are prepared for sell their labour. Skills and knowledges can not be sell but it can be implement. A people how quantity of labour have been sold, depends on it , it depends how the people will be skilled. Skills and knowledges increases exponential rate with the labours quantity. By segmentation of labour market it is found that a segment have been found that is like a current flow. The individuals of this segment of labour market is unstable. They remains a short period of time i this segment and change the segment after a period of time. This group of the labour market is the newly completed gradutes. They search the job, they get the job, they leave the job and again they get the job. Exactly to say that the people who is now doing a good job, he is also a member of the labour market. Because he can do searc another job in another organization. It is not bound for himself to do this existing job forever. All skilled people who can do something is the member or elements of the labour market. In one point of view labour market have no boundary. But another point of view it have a boundary. The state government can restrict the entrance of citizens of specific country in a specific country. Otherwise one citizen of a specific country can operate the job in another country. Whatever, labour market his structurally changing with its density. Basis on geography density of labour market is changes.

Examples of the changing structure of the density of labour market

In a country every city is not potential for employment. There is not same structure of industrialization in every location. In bangladesh Dhaka and Chittagong is the more potential for searching and doing the job. Hence, for this reason in Dhaka and Chittagong the peoples go for job than any other city in Bangladesh. Dhaka is more dese in labour force than chittagong.


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