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Training and development and its relation with employee turnover

Updated on August 16, 2014

Training and development

Training is a learning program of employees in an organization. Training provides the skills and knowledges to the employee and ensures the effectiveness and efficiency in the job in performing the complex tasks in an easier way. Development program is an ongoing procedure of continuing learning by inhouse training and in the job.

According to beardwell and Holden it is important of training and development to achieve and maintain the survival and success of the organization.

Peoples is the most important resourses within the organization. Hence it is important for an organization to develop their knowledges and skills. Hence, it will be a wrong decision for an organization become satisfy by recruiting any good employee and stoping their activities of learning and development. Without training, learning and development program organization will in backward movement.

Learning is the process in any individual animals or plants that makes the living organism capable of surviving and developing their lifestyle and performances and its depends on experiences and maturations.

Once the primative people does not know how to make fire, but once they learned about that how to make fire. They learned how to survive with the environment.

The students of medical sciences also know about the term resistance. How any bacteria grow resistance against any antibiotics. It is also a learning process of bacteria how they servive against the antibiotic.

Needs of learning and development in organization

Needs of training and development program is increasing within the organization day by day. For continuous improvement, flexibility, adaptibility to survive and to be effective, organization must have to emphasis on the training and development process. The organization where continuous learning process is ongoing in order to find new innovative result is called learning organization. Learning organizations are involve in systematic problem solving, experimentation, searching for new result, innovation and continuous development of the members.

Training and development provides quality and flexibility to the employee. Through an ongoing learning process organizations employee achieves the quality of doing the job more effectively. It so provides the flexibility of the job. When any employee feels job as flexible in nature the tendency of turnover is reduces. Not only that when any employee can do the tasks effectively then the tendency of removing the employee by employer is also reduces.

Development and its importance

Development is process that is happened in an individual by learning and maturation. Just for example, once it was complex for me to create a blog with 200 word in a day, but now it is became easier to making a blog of 1000 word within few hours. That becomes possible for me through a learning and maturation process. There it is to say that development have been occured. In animals learning and development happens concurrently. When animals fall into a problem they seach an way of solving. The learning process start and results as a development. When carnivorous start to affacted by wild animals it start to learning how to protect. With there learning process the theory of evolution is also started. After a long period of time carnivorous gained horns to protect wild ferocious animals by regenerating the genetic structure. To survive with the world the learning and development is the ongoing process in animals. Before death it can not be stop. But genetic theory says that after death of a animals these learning and development process flow into the next generation.

How learning and development employee turnover

Training and development program in an organization significantly reduces the employee turnover, both resignation and termination. The rate of resignation is regnificantly reduces due to increasing of few quality of employee to effectively perform the job. Training improves the skills and knowledges of the employee. Hence, it increases the flexibility. Flexibility is one of the most powerful motivational factor. Motivation is the innertial power of the employee that can ensures the stability of the employee. Hence, with the increasing power of motivation the resignation rate is significantly reduces. Moreover, when any employees sees that he can do the tasks as easily as possible, he became courages and can build a stable mind that he will operate the job as long as possible he can do, because he can believe that he will do better in job, because he can do the job easily. The lackings of effective training and development program employee turnover may be in high rate. Without training the employee feels the job as difficult. Hence the every tasks of the job sees to very complex. The employee get frustrated about the job yhat he are not doing the job effectively. An insecureness about the job grows in employees mind. He get demotivated with the job. Another, relative perception related problem grows. Yhat is when employee feels the job that the job is so complex and difficult tasks, he started to thinking that the total remuneration against the job is not in sufficient level. He feels that he is working enough but getting less salary. He thinks about resignation and search for a new job silently.

The ongoing training program in job may be compare with the booster dose of vaccination in terms of getting stability in the job. In a vaccination of Hepatitis B, when any one taken first dose of vaccine he started to grow immunity. After completing the full course he immunized. But after taking the booster dose the immunity become stabilize for long time. Same things happens in a job in a new employee. When a new employee started a new training program, he become motivated with the job. After first training when he goes to work and he starts working. After a few days he started to demotivating for the job for a certain number of causes. In next training session he again get motivation. As same as circularly after giving few session of training the employee become stabilise in the job. Hence such kinds of stability reduces the chances of turnover and probability of future resignation.

Another important things is that when any trainig and development program increases the quality of any employee, it also reduces the chance of termination of the employee by employer. Because employer wants such kinds of people who can provide the qualitative and quantitative work.

Though the development is dependent on the learning and maturation, hence it is concerned with increasing the stability and familiarity with job. Hence, in this way it reduces the turnover rate in the job.


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